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Retrospective Provision

Cerba Research offers high-quality, well-annotated samples collected from our global network and trusted partners. 

The World's Largest Biospecimen Procurement Network

More than 45 million patients pass through our network every year.  This, coupled with our unparalleled expertise across 15 therapeutic areas, state-of-the-art technology and a premium logistics system, makes us the perfecty partner in helping you meet your specimen needs. 

Utilize our global network inventory and biobanking support team to build your specific cohort. We can support with: 

  • Analytical standards definition (instrument & reagent)
  • Clinical data screening
  • Demographic data selection (sex, age, country and date of collection)
  • Matrice selection
  • Pre- and post-analytical treatments definition
  • Storage condition definition 

Spread over a wide range of matrices

A close-up image of a scientist picking up a vial of blood from a test tube rack

Blood and blood derivatives

 Whole blood, blood fluid derivatives (plasma, serum), blood cellular derivatives (PBMCs), fetal blood and more… 

In this video, Cerba Research takes you on an in-depth tour of their CerbACT immuno-oncology center of excellence in Asia.


Cerebrospinal fluid, ruine, bone marrow, semen, amniotic fluid, lymph node aspirate, saliva, nasal fluid, synovial fluid, pleural fluid, ascites fluid and more… 

Other sample formats

Stools, swabs, smears, cutaneous samples, microbiology isolates and more… 

Rely on us for your tissue samples needs

Cerba Research’s Montpelier team can provide a complete tissue collection service dedicated to your trial thanks to a collaboration with more than 25 hospitals and biobanks. We can efficiently gather your samples, with off-the-shelf collections available. 

  • Fresh tissue (live viable cells) 
  • Frozen tissue  
  • Cryopreserved cells  
  • Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) tissue  

You can also benefit from a custom Tissue Microarray (TMAs) service thanks to our dedicated team.  


Don’t hesitate to reach us to know more!

Discover more

Our Biorepository Strenght Lies In Its Unique Ability To Be Built Around Request

Client defines specific needs

Collection form to be completed with our sales team.

Feasibility review

Our technical teams will find the best solution to get your specimens or propose an alternative solution. 

Design and verification

Collection launched within our worldwide network. 

Production and validation 

Transport of samples to our technical platform for quality control, additional testing if required and preparation for shipment. 


Reception of your specimens to your lab. 


Need a retrospective collection? Don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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