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Biobanking & Storage

Preserve the integrity of your samples with Cerba Research’s global network of biorepositories. 

Today’s remote research sites pose a challenge — but Cerba means certainty

Avoid the risk of lengthy transport and preserve your irreplaceable clinical trial samples in one of our strategically located, state-of-the-art storage facilities. 

To meet increasingly stringent regulations and your research commitments, all Cerba Research global storage sites feature:   

  • Temperatures from ambient to -80° C, with available liquid nitrogen  
  • Short- and long-term sample storage  
  • Electronic barcoded sample tracking  
  • QC of all shipments in and out  
  • Qualified staff  
  • Dedicated receiving, storage, retrieval, and shipment areas  
  • Shipping performed to IATA standards 

Discover our biorepository solutions

South Africa

Our leading-edge biobank in South Africa, launched in 2009, is one of the largest biobanking facilities in the southern hemisphere. Store your samples here and benefit from: 


  • World-class extraction facility 
  • Nationally and globally accredited storage of clinical samples for over 13 diseases
  • Capacity for over 7 million clinical samples, including 6.4 million at -80° C 
  • 760,000 in the liquid nitrogen vapor phase 
  • Ideal storage conditions, including for samples to be preserved in perpetuity 
  • Temperatures include: 
  • Ambient (20° C to 30° C) 
  • Refrigerated (2° C to 8° C) 
  • Frozen (-20° C, -80° C and -196° C) 
  • Routine relabelling, anonymization, de-identification, and un-blinding services 
  • Shipping performed to IATA standards 
  • 24/7 FDA-approved independent system that ensures real-time continual monitoring of temperature, liquid and oxygen levels, and related equipment performance parameters; parameters electronically documented with SMS notification via two independent service providers to the standby staff in case of error 

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