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Patient Identification

Recruiting eligible patients within the allocated time frame is a critical aspect of measuring the effectiveness of a clinical trial. Public and private research centers are continually seeking ways to improve, expand, and diversify their pool of eligible patients to meet the recruitment plan’s initial deadlines.

To address this challenge, we have developed an innovative digital solution for mass screening, which leverages our extensive network of over 1,200 analysis laboratories in Europe and Africa. With over 45 million patients visiting our network annually, our solution identifies potentially eligible patients during their routine laboratory visits.

A doctor doing a health check-up on a child with their mother

Find the Right Patient at the Right Moment

When a patient is potentially eligible, a pop-up notification informs the healthcare professional treating the patient. The healthcare professional can then offer the patient an opportunity to sign a pre-screening consent form that authorizes the collection of their personal information and additional clinical questions related to the clinical study.

If the patient’s eligibility is confirmed, for example, by a relevant biological result, the study coordinator securely transmits the patient’s personal information to the investigator. The investigator can then approach the patient and present the clinical study.

Furthermore, our solution ensures compliance with the highest security standards and

current regulations such as GDPR.

Fast and Real-Time Monitoring

Our innovative digital solution facilitates efficient patient recruitment and minimizes the need for additional patient visits, which can reduce costs and improve overall trial efficiency. By optimizing the patient recruitment process, we can help research centres meet their recruitment goals and complete clinical trials within the set timelines.

A doctor doing a health check-up on a child with their mother
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