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End of Year Communication and Global Closing Days

As we approach the end of year 2020 holiday season, Cerba Research would like to provide you information related to our operational and courier services.

COVID-19 – Impact on Courier services

  • Recent increases in COVID-19 cases and associated country lockdown restrictions globally have impacted commercial travel and limited the flexibility of premium couriers. Due to this, we would recommend using standard carriers that have their own fleets for transportation and are not reliant on commercial airlines. This includes FedEx, DHL, TNT and UPS/Marken. This does not apply to Africa, where we would recommend the use of Biocair and World Courier.
  • There is an increase in transit times particularly in the courier transportation lane between US and Europe and between Europe and US. This may have an impact on any samples with less than 48 hours stability.
  • Cerba Research is closely monitoring all shipments with our courier network to ensure shipments can be collected and delivered on time where possible.
  • Cerba Research is also working towards ensuring we can support alternative solutions where possible and feasible.

COVID-19 – Impact on Procurement of lab kit supplies:

  • Due to overwhelming global demand for specific lab supplies related to COVID-19 testing and investigation, we are experiencing extended lead times for some supply items.
  • The supply constraints are being monitored and managed closely by our Global Procurement team and we have been able to minimize shortages.
  • Despite best efforts, it is possible that we may experience short term supply disruptions that ultimately impact delivery lead time of our supply kits.
  • We would recommend allowing an additional two weeks for any kit orders placed and we would request that you place any resupply requests to Cerba Research as soon as possible if you require delivery before 20th This does not apply to Barc South Africa, where we will continue to provide the supply of kits within normal timelines.

Cerba Research Closure Days

Our labs are closed on the days noted below, please take your shipment transit time into consideration to ensure the sample(s) arrive the day before a Closure Day.

Cerba Research Europe & USA: Closed 25-December (Christmas Day) and 1-January (New Year’s Day)

Cerba Research South Africa: Closed 16-December and 25-December (Christmas Day) and 26-December and 1-January (New Year’s Day). Please note Barc South Africa will be open for reduced hours on the public holidays.

Cerba Research Australia: Closed 25-December (Christmas Day), 28-December and 1-January (New Year’s Day)

SRL Japan: Closed 25-December (Christmas Day), 29-December through to 03-January 2021 (New Year’s Holiday)

Local Public Holidays

  • Please do not ship samples on the day(s) before local public holidays or on local public holidays. If agreed otherwise for your trial, please confirm arrangements in advance with your courier.
  • For Barc South Africa: Please notify the Barc South Africa team before sending any samples to ensure the shipment can be tracked as there can be delays in customs within Africa during the holiday period.
  • For Russia and Ukraine: Please try to avoid scheduling patients from December 20th till January 10th as these countries have an extended holiday period. If you need to schedule patient visits during this period, please contact Cerba Research to determine if any solutions can be determined.

Courier Service Schedule / Customs

As all couriers (standard as well as premium) may have restrictions, please contact them well in advance to check the following:

  • The possible shipping days and possible earlier last calling / pick-up times.
  • Couriers will typically not pick-up or deliver on public holidays.
  • Take your sample transit time into consideration; 24, 48 and 72 hours – to ensure samples arrive the day before a Closure Day.
  • Customs closing times (Only applicable if a pro forma invoice is required).
  • Potential transit delays related to COVID-19 and plan accordingly, particularly for international shipments.

Cerba Research will be providing continuous service during the holiday period (except on the closure days), so please contact us via the study specific email address or via the general contact details if you need assistance:

Thank you for your support and collaboration with Cerba Research. We wish you a safe and peaceful holiday season and new year.

Warm regards,

Cerba Research