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Hans Bunschoten

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Hans Bunschoten - Chief Strategy Officer - square image

Hans Bunschoten is the Chief Strategy Officer and has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, vaccine & drug discovery. Beside this function, Hans is the COO and deputy CEO of Viroclinics until completion of the merger into Cerba Research.

Hans Bunschoten joined Viroclinics in 2008. Previous to this he held various positions within the pharmaceutical industry concerned with drug discovery and the transition of leads into drug candidates for human testing. As a consultant he advised several large pharmaceutical companies in distinct areas of drug development.

Hans was trained in immunology and virology at the National Institute of Public Health and University of Pennsylvania and obtained a PhD from the University of Utrecht. His pharmaceutical career began at Organon Biosciences where he headed multidisciplinary teams in vaccine and drug discovery research. Subsequently, he worked as a Director of Preclinical Development at a Dutch start-up company and as a management consultant to pharmaceutical companies. Hans has authored many publications and is inventor of numerous patents.