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Clinical Trial Laboratory Testing

At Cerba Research, we offer a full suite of testing capabilities, providing insights for critical measurement of clinical endpoints. 

Your samples are in safe hands. We offer comprehensive clinical trial laboratory testing, from safety to speciality, ensuring that you meet your objective. 

Our capabilities include: 

Standard Safety Testing – Standard Haematology, Biochemistry Panels, Urinalysis, Serology & Coagulation Testing 

Molecular Biology Testing – qPCR, RT-PCR, dd-PCR, RT-PCR, Multiplex PCR amplification, BioFire FilmArray 

Lab Testing in Clinical Trials – (incl. Assay Development & Technology Transfer) – Biomarker-Driven Trial Solutions 

Flow Cytometry – BD FACS Canto™ II (12-Color), Cytek Aurora (>40 Colors), BD FACS Lyric Whole Blood, Bone Marrow, PBMC 
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Histopathology – Multiplex and standard IHC, Immunostaining, ISH/FISH, 200+ biomarkers FFPE, Cryosections Leica, Roche Ventana, RUO/IVD 
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Genetics/NGS – NGS (WEG, WGS), Mutation Analysis, MRD, RCL, VCN, Illumina (MiSep, HiSeq, NextSeq, NovaSeq) & Sanger, Nanostring
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Microbiology – Culture and Identification, Antibiotic Resistance Testing, Microbiome Analysis (Sequencing) 

Cell Isolations – PBMC, BMMC, CD138+ Isolations performed in-house, Pre-Analytical Processing Network of Labs 

ELISA-based Assays – ELISA, MSD S600 Meso Scale Discovery, Luminex, Ella ProteinSimple, Quanterix Simoa HD1 

Bioanalysis – PharmacoKinetics, Drug Performance with PK, PD/ADA, Small & Large Molecules, ELISA-based methods LC-MS/MS 

Functional Cell-based Assays – T-cell activation, ADCC, ELISpot 

Virology Testing -Virus Culture, TCID50, Neutralization Assays, Inhibition Assays, Viral Load, Genotyping & Phenotyping 

Digital Imaging – Transforming visual results into quantifiable data with Halo® and Visiopharm® Software 
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