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Patient Identification and Recruitment

Precision medicine requires precision patient identification and recruitment. Cerba Research can help you recruit the right patients for your clinical trials.

Powered by Cerba HealthCare’s vast diagnostic and testing capabilities, Cerba Research can help you easily and prospectively identify patients who meet your clinical study criteria. Using a data-driven approach, we help you reduce your recruitment time from months to days, which leads to lower recruitment costs and faster access to treatments for patients. 

Cerba Research can support you to: 

  • Leverage biological and medical data 
  • Identify patients with specific biomarkers 
  • Inform patients about new therapies at the right time 

We have a global footprint with data on global testing, frequency, and accuracy, as well as a platform for screening and companion diagnostic testing across Europe and Africa. By connecting real-world laboratory data from clinical sites and digitizing patient data, we can optimize patient recruitment for precision medicine, allowing you to identify patients expected to respond to your product. 

Applying advanced digital technology, our patient data services represent a new paradigm for patient recruitment. 

Discover the Cerba Research Medical Connect

Discover how we assisted patients to have a better experience during an Immuno-oncology trial with our patient identification solution in partnership with Gustave Roussy.

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