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Decentralized Clinical Trial Support

At Cerba Research, we can help you design and build your specimen collection around your patients. 

The evolving world of Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT’s) involves multiple vendors and players each with their own speciality. At Cerba Research we recognize that future studies will need to continue to be built around the patient. We are already working on both decentralized and virtual studies, building our acumen in terms of kit building and logistics, combined with our deep Central Lab services to provide the most robust global supply chain for clinical trials.

Examples of DCT support :

  • Home samples forwarded to our labs via sites

  • Partner with leading logistical provider who provides home sampling collections – samples are then shipped to our facilitates for immediate testing – with no implication for the site

  • Digital solutions for patient identification, and recruitment. We can leverage a patient’s medical & biological data at the point of routine pathology visits within our medical laboratory network. This covers 7,000 labs in France, Belgium & Italy, with Labs in Africa being onboarding in early 2023.

Case study – How Cerba Research helped advance a Phase 1B study in the middle of a pandemic and Brexit

Cerba Research conducted a two-country clinical trial that involved a nasopharyngeal swab and two assays. Although it sounds relatively straightforward, conducting a study during a global pandemic and Brexit is bound to be a struggle. 

A combination of creative logistics, careful planning and a strong customer relationship allowed Cerba Research to keep sample processing for a novel COVID-19 treatment on track in the middle of extraordinary upheaval. 

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Reducing time & cost, increasing sample integrity 

Our network of pre-processing laboratories adds extra value to reduce time and transport costs, and minimizes  the risk to sample integrity: 

  • Usage of processing labs minimizes transport times and reduces transport costs.  
  • Processing samples creates the ability to generate primary and backup aliquots, hence minimizing the risk of losing whole samples.  
  • Stabilizing samples within 8-48 hrs after sample collection. 
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