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Corporate Social Responsibility

Cerba Research is proud to support global biotech, pharma, and IVD organisations that bring life-changing therapies and diagnostics to patients worldwide. As your integrated clinical laboratory and diagnostic solutions partner, we recognize that your passion for improving lives extends far beyond your therapeutic and diagnostic development — just as ours does.

We know firsthand that creating a lasting impact can be challenging when you’re working alone. But when we work together, we can change the shape of the future.

That’s Cerba Shaping Change.

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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

At Cerba HealthCare, we believe that corporate social responsibility is inherent in our commitment to advancing health and patient care. Aligned with our business, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) also takes shape in the areas of human capital, business ethics and respect for the environment.

Read the Cerba Healthcare CSR Report


Cerba Research - CSR Report 2021-2022 Cerba Healthcare

Cerba Research Supports The Greater Gift Foundation

To show our commitment to impacting more lives together, Cerba Research is commited to donate pentavalent vaccines (five different vaccines in a single vial) to the Greater Gift Foundation, supporting their worldwide mission to help children in need.

Through internal and external campaigns we will continue to donate throughout and invite you to join us in being catalysts for good by donating to the Greater Gift.


Sustainability In Your Supply Chain

Ecovadis provides sustainability ratings for businesses worldwide. It’s a universal ranking and thus allows for proper benchmarking within your supply chain. In 2021, Cerba Research earned the Silver Badge after our Ecovadis assessment. 

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