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Project Management

Cerba Research can provide expert project management support for both clinical and non-clinical research projects alike. Our comprehensive approach to global project management ensures that we are continuously monitoring a project’s performance – guaranteeing that we exceed your expectations. 

A personalised approach to your project

Every project requires its own strategy, and we can work closely with you to build a plan that suits your needs. A customer-focused approach to project management, with open and proactive communication is essential for conducting a smooth trial and at Cerba Research we prioritise building respectful and trusting relationships with our clients. 

As a midsized provider, we offer the courtesy, attention to detail, and proactive vigilance of a  partner invested in your success and in the ultimate endpoint of your project: improving patients’ lives. 

Your unique plan adjusts according to your needs 

We take every step to form a plan that suits your needs. This includes matching you with a global project manager that understands the complexities of the work you do, and can serve as an extension of your team. All of our global project managers have strong interpersonal skills, meaning they can stay calm under pressure, and have an understanding of what’s required to lead and execute a project on time and within budget. 

Every project has a core project team established by the global project manager, which includes a trial set-up manager, a data transfer analyst and subject matter experts from our science, quality assurance and operations teams, each strategically aligned to support your clinical trial needs. You can also leverage the support of our multilingual investigator site-focused team, who are dedicated to supporting investigator sites with training and compliance to ensure the successful delivery of your trial. 

Additionally, we implement a Global Project Management governance framework to ensure we are continuously tracking and monitoring project performance. This enables us to ensure we are delivering service quality to exceed our clients’ expectations. This works in conjunction with our single global study database, enabling standardization and consistency of data. Accessible through our online portal, it provides you with real-time access to your clinical trial data. 


Rene Wheat Register Cerba Research Head of Project Management

Rene Wheat-Register

Sr VP Global Project Management

Rene is an experienced clinical research professional with a track record for success when it comes to leadership, having built and led teams to achieve the regulatory approval of numerous compounds to date. She has managed teams that developed the first PK enhancer in antiretrovirals (HIV), and those that led to the cure for HCV. She truly fosters the creation of numerous strategic partnerships, deployment of corporate-wide process improvements, and excels in supporting the development of top talent via coaching and mentoring.