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Therapeutic Areas & Scientific Expertise

With our unparalleled scientific expertise, the fast-expanding portfolio of therapeutic areas include:

Infectious Disease & Vaccine Development

We provide world-class operational expertise, logistical infrastructure, and the scientific rigour needed to effectively characterize, research, and treat infectious diseases as they emerge.

We deploy an expert global team who can utilise their experience, their knowledge and the best technologies available to accelerate clinical trials and ultimately reduce the burden of infectious disease. We do this empowered by our people, science, and technology and infrastructure.

Vaccine development

Rare Diseases

Developing cell and gene therapies requires an increased need to access expertise, knowledge, data and insights to bring the right patient to the right treatment at the right time. We facilitate state-of-the art technology, subject matter expertise, specialised logistics and operations to accelerate cell and gene therapy development.

Rare diseases


With increased complexity in oncology protocol design and time sensitivity, we can provide you with an adaptive, specialist oncology team with access to the latest science and technology who will optimise the outcome of your clinical trials. Precision medicine development in the oncology field requires a flexible and agile speciality laboratory partner who can adjust as the protocol does, ensuring endpoints are captured. This will enable studies to move forward with the right data.

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