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Biotech Lab Solution

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Biotech Lab Services That Meet Your Needs

Meeting the high demands of today’s drug developers requires a trusted and agile laboratory partner. When you are seeking a robust central laboratory with fast start-up time, it’s critical to find a collaborator that can customize your safety-related assays according to your specifications. Through Cerba Research Canada, we created an agile central laboratory for your regional clinical trial that covers North America. This will ensure a rapid start-up time, allowing us to surpass your expectations as a biotech client.

We take a unique approach to every project with speed and agility, continuously working with your teams and proactively anticipating challenges. This ensures accelerated timelines from early-stage clinical trials to post-market surveillance for your North America trial.

Solutions For Your Complex Regional Trials

A great central lab is not only exemplified by promptness to report high quality results, but also by fast troubleshooting and development of trusting relationships with sponsors and clinical trial sites. We are proud to offer these key benefits to our clients. Check out our strengths related to our core central lab expertise to support your accelerated development timelines:

  • Rapid start-up time: 4-6 weeks.
  • Rapid study closure: 3-4 weeks.
  • Customized and flexible study set-up.
  • Complex trial execution: about 30% of our trials are in oncology.
  • Projects running at any given time: 50+.
  • CAP and CLIA accredited.
  • GCP compliant and GLP certified.

Cerba Research Canada supports our sponsors by providing a wide range of routine assays, such as coagulation, biochemistry, hematology, endocrinology, HbAc1, and more. Our services include specimen collection logistics – such as kit preparation, shipment tracking, couriering, clinical trial sites training and communication – and sample management from reception to analysis. Every step is GCP-compliant. Of mention, Cerba Research Canada has been CAP-accredited for more than 20 years, and CLIA-accredited for about 10 years, demonstrating our strong commitment to quality.

4-6 weeks

Rapid start-up time

3-4 weeks

Rapid study closure


Of our trials are in oncology

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Projects running at any given time

Sample Management And Operational Effectiveness

We manage all aspects of sample analysis, from reception and management to processing and storage in a GxP-compliant environment. A dedicated staff is trained on your project and will accompany you from study set-up to data transfer. This is executed based on fast query resolution, rapid escalation and solving of issues accompanied by a seamless delivery of high-quality results within your time constraints.

Our central lab services and specialty labs are part of the same Cerba network, ensuring a smooth experience through a harmonious approach alongside similar instrumentation, assays, reagents, and LIMS systems. Check out our step-by-step process from study setup to delivery of results.

Cerba Research Canada Central Lab Services

Your Partner Of Choice

  • Our start-up timelines often range from 4 to 6 weeks, which is unprecedented, especially for complex oncology trials.
  • We take pride in our speed of execution to meet your tight timelines, without compromising quality. Of mention, our startup study timeframe is twice as fast as the industry standard.
  • Our team regularly partners with the top 10 biopharmaceutical industries globally.
  • We specialize in the management of complex clinical programs, with about 30% of our portfolio in oncology.
  • We are CAP and CLIA accredited, GLP certified, and GCP compliant.
  • We offer high-quality data delivered across a wide range of innovative technologies, therapy areas and indications.
  • Last, but not least, we are your partner of choice for tight timelines and speed to market studies.
  • Read more about our central lab services.

Testing Solutions For All Phases Of Your Drugs Development

  • We have a large portfolio of safety testing (often referred to as routine testing) for your North America clinical trial central laboratory needs.
  • We can perform coagulation, hematology, biochemistry, urinalysis, pregnancy test, COVID test, serology, thyroid function test, endocrinology, Hb1Ac, and more.
  • We address the unique challenges related to pediatric and other special needs patient populations in clinical trials.
  • Read more about our safety testing services.

But We Can Do More

  • Our lab services expand to biomarker analysis, safety, and specialty testing.
  • Specifically, we can perform ligand-bind assays (e.g. immunogenicity and meso-scale discovery (MSD)), flow cytometry (FCM), and molecular techniques, amongst other innovative techniques from our Cerba Research network.
  • Cerba Research wide range of laboratory solutions brings together scientific expertise, state-of-the-arts methods, and innovative technologies to help you turn clear data into confident decision making for your asset.
    Biotech clients trust us for providing not only high-quality testing, but consultancy, fit-for-purpose validation, and finding the best central lab solution(s) at the right time for the right trial
  • Get in touch with our expert team of researchers today.

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We take a unique approach to every project with speed and agility, continuously working with your teams and proactively anticipating challenges. Reach out to us here.

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