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Flow Cytometry Reporting

With our extended expertise in panel design, assay development/validation and data analysis, Cerba Research provides you a regular and accurate reporting. 

A Harmonized Data Process For Your Assay

A harmonized assay is essential to ensure the consistency of your clinical trial data. 

That is why Cerba Research ensure a harmonized flow cytometry process on a global scale. 

With a consistent data analysis and reporting process, our flow cytometry team is beside you to gather the results you expect. 


Flow Cytometry data process

Thanks to Cerba Trova, you have the possibility to review the results of the analyzed samples, download laboratory reports, monitor the clinical trial progress, and to view the performance indicators of your trial. 

From the sample reception to the data released, discover our 10 business days flow cytometry data process 

Samples received at flow testing lab

Sample processing in the lab:

  •  Create antibody cocktail and add to the tube
  •  Add blood or BMA into a tube
  •  Lyse RBC
  •  Wash and acquire in flow cytometer

Samples processed and acquired

Provide instant access to raw data, and allows for data analysis by any scientist (US or EU)

Time efficiencies: You can quickly receive raw data and PDF

Data exported to global depository

Received at centralized data analysis center receives and analyzed

Thanks to FCS Express

Scientific and QC review and approval of each patient data

Centralized scientific data review

Data reported through middleware

Cerba Research implement FACSlink as a middleware solution, which eliminate Excel sheet for data transfer, to ensure a timely and quality efficient data transfer

Data released to Cerba Trova database


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