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Shaping the future of clinical development together

Enhance your research with Cerba’s patient and science-driven insights.

We transform clinical research to deliver the promise of precision and predictive medicine to help people live healthier lives.

We offer world-class clinical research that helps life science companies to successfully develop the predictive and precision medicines of the future.

We combine the deep expertise and agility of the specialist laboratory with the capacity, breadth and global reach of a central lab. Our unique approach to patient data offers our customers the opportunity to have one partner for all their test services, with regular access and consistent support across all clinical trial phases.

Our customer centric approach means flexible solutions to unique challenges, providing reassurance and efficacy, whilst offering agility at scale. Our customers today are our partners tomorrow.

At Cerba Research, we see a time where everyone on our planet will live a healthier life. Everyone in the Cerba family, individually and collectively, is dedicated to the advancement of our clinical research and plays a vital role in building this future.

Our heritage in specialty labs, combined with our experience in central lab services enables us to develop research techniques that will underpin the next generation of clinical trials. A new kind of research where diagnostics are driven by clinical data, and insights, supported by specific therapeutic expertise.

We are committed to helping our customers deliver the next generation of healthcare and more accessible medicine for all.

Our Values

Our teams are guided by shared values to Advance Research, Advance Health


We are forever curious, always striving to learn from our collective intelligence, providing assurance that we do better, and go further. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of work and dedicate ourselves to continually achieving exceptional results together.


We are resolutely innovative, astute in our risk-taking and unafraid to challenge the status quo for our customers and our people. We dare to take the road less travelled, always looking to transform research with data for the better.


In every interaction, we are ambitious and unwavering in our pursuit of the right solution for our clients and their patients. We are committed to our role in driving forward the future of human health.


We value people and relationships and believe in building meaningful long-term partnerships through actively listening and understanding. We are continually mindful of the trust placed in us; every conversation begins with a commitment to transparency and excellence.

This is CERBA Research

What does Cerba Research do? Where are we located? How do we shape clinical development all over the world? This one-minute video gives you a quick overview of our company.

Cerba Research has evolved with one goal in mind: serving our customers better. From corporate acquisitions and international expansions to everyday decision-making, one question guides our approach: will this help us serve our customers better?

The unsurpassed innovation of our combined translational biomarker offerings, along with the full resources of our expert scientists, achieve their maximum potential only through a true partnership with you. We understand that to your customers, our performance is your performance, and that your reputation is on the line with every deadline and each deliverable.

As your partner, Cerba Research empowers you to bring new, life-changing therapies to patients worldwide.

Together, we can shape the future of your clinical development. Find out more about how we can support your research.

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