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Discover more about our next-generation assay dedicated to targeted approaches and learn how Cerba Research can support your circulatory biomarker ambitions. 

Better Outcomes Rely On Better Biomarkers

With some therapeutics proving ineffective in as many as 75% of the patients they are expected to help, the need for personalized and precision medicine is clear. Because the use of selection biomarkers can triple drug development success rates, we have expanded our portfolio to test more than routine safety and efficacy parameters. 

As your global partner for integrated clinical trial laboratory and diagnostic solutions, our goal at Cerba Research is to generate early scientific insights that optimize your protocol. Our large portfolio of next-generation assays are designed for targeted approaches or broad immune profiling with multifactorial biomarkers. Benefit from our customized service to obtain innovative, flexible, and tailored solutions grounded in expert science. 

Optimize Biomarker Strategies For Precision Medicine

Beyond monitoring the efficacy of a drug by PK & PD, biomarkers are increasing in importance and evolving quickly to: 

  • Guide dose selection 
  • Characterize mode of action 
  • Stratify patients 
  • Predict drug response 
  • Aid in prognosis 
  • Monitor disease & drug resistance
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Streamline your development and ensure quality

Our quality-driven approach includes analytically validated assays and GLP and/or CLIA-certified labs.

We tailor the best possible solution that meets your requirements to:

  • Transfer assays developed in-house
  • Assess method feasibility
  • Develop and validate customized assays
  • Obtain detailed sample analyses

Biomarker insights with Cerba Research

Biomarkers can triple drug development success rates when used in clinical research. While scientific and technological advances have led to the discovery of more circulating biomarker candidates, the challenge lies in validating those biomarkers. Cerba Research takes a personalized approach to biomarker assay development and validation to help clients improve their odds of success. This approach involves the experience of our leading scientists and our five-continent laboratory network. 

Our highly specialized custom assays, innovative anatomical pathology biomarker support and biomarker strategies de-risk study conduct and generate the data you need to bring new therapies to light. 

From translational research to clinical through commercialization, Cerba Research actuates real-world data to help you reach patients and bring clarity to complex research. 

Discover the whitepaper
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Gain insights to help solve development challenges with our state of the art platforms circulating biomarkers tested

Benefits of state of the art platform including:

  • MSD S600 Meso Scale Discovery
  • ELISA platform
  • Luminex Magpix
  • Quanterix Simoa HD1
  • Ella ProteinSimple system
  • LC-MS/MS
  • Immunohistochemistry platforms


Circulating biomarkers

Here are most of the circulating biomarkers we currently test for. Because new tests are added frequently, please reach out for our complete list.

Human Plasma

4β-Hydroxcholesterol Fructosamine
α-GST FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)
Aβ-40 GM-CSF
Active B-12 GLP-1
Anti-lia ICAM-1
Anti-Xa IFNγ
Adiponectin IGF-2
Aldosterone IL-1α
Auristatin F and Auristatin F HPA IL-1β
Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor (Free) IL-4
C3a (Complement 3a) IL-5
C4 (Complement 4) IL-6
C5a (Complement 5a) IL-8
Cholesterol IL-10
Cholic Acid IL-12p70
Cortisol IL-12/23p40
Cystatin C IL-15
Eotaxin IL-17A
Eotaxin-3 IP-10
Ergosterol Lepin
E-selectin MCP-1
Estrone/Equiline MCP-4
Estrone sulfate/Equiline sulfate MDC
Ethyl Estradiol/Norgestimate/17-Desacetyl Norgestmate MIP-1β
Exendin 9-39 PAI-1 Ag
Factor II Activity PIGF
Factor V Activity Protein C Activity
Factor VII Activity Protein C Antigen
Factor VIII Activity Protein S Antigen free
Factor IX Activity Protein S Total and free
Factor Xa Protein S Activity
Factor X Activity Osteocalcin
Factor XI Activity VWF
Factor XII Activity TARC
Factor XIII Activity Tie-2
Factor VIIIc TNFα
Factor IX inhibiting antibodies TNFβ
Factor VIII inhibiting antibodies VCAM-1
Fibrinogen antigen VEGF-D

Human Urine

N2- (1-Carboxyethyl)-2’Deoxy-Guanosine (CEDG) Glucose
Cortisol/6β-hydroxycortisol IL-18
Creatine KIM-1

Human Serum

Active B-12 IL-5
Adiponectin IL-6
Amyloid A IL-6 sR
Apolipoprotein A2 IL-7
Apolipoprotein C3 IL-8
Apolipoprotein E IL-10
ATX IL-12p70
BCMA IL-12/23p40
CCL18 IL-13
Chitinase 3-like 1 IL-15
Chromogranin A IL-16
CK18 M30 IL-17A
CK18 M65 IL-27
Cortisol Inhibin-B
C-peptide IP-10
CXCL13 Leptin
E-selectin MCP-1
Estradiol (E2) MCP-4
Ethisterone MDC
Eotaxin MIP-1α
Eotaxin-3 MIP-1β
FGF-19 MMP-1
FGF-21 MMP-2
Free fatty acids MMP-3
GDF-15 MMP-9
Human IgG Total MPO
Human β-Defensin 2 (HBD2) Osteocalcin
Human IgG1 PARC
Human IgG2 S100A12
Human IgG3 SP-A
Human IgG4 SP-B
Human 90K/MAC-2BP SP-C
IFN-γ Tie-2
IGF-1 TiMP-2
IFG-2 TK-1
IL-1β TNFβ

Human Cell/Tissue

Cyp1A2 Cyp2B6

Whole Blood

Factor II G20210A Factor V Leiden
HLA Genotyping

Human CSF

Aβ-40 Aβ42
hTau Ag Phospho-tau

BAL Fluid

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