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Article – Translating Scientific Questions Into pre-clinical Experiments

Despite global efforts, infectious diseases remain a significant threat to human health worldwide. The intricate dance between pathogens and their hosts fuels an ongoing battle, and deciphering these interactions hinges on appropriate pre-clinical models. Pre-clinical models are essential for unraveling disease mechanisms and developing novel intervention strategies.

Understanding host-pathogen interactions is pivotal for developing biomarkers and testing various interventions, including vaccines, drugs, antivirals, and antibodies. However, bridging pre-clinical findings to clinical applications remains a formidable challenge. The hurdles are manifold, ranging from the genetic variability of pathogens to variations in immune responses, necessitating specialized protocols and access to pertinent strains, equipment, and expertise.

In the article “Translating Scientific Questions Into Pre-Clinical Experiments.”  we dive into the world of infectious disease pre-clinical research, spotlighting the hurdles researchers face and how Cerba Research’s preclinical techniques and expertise spearhead breakthroughs.

Key Topics Covered:

🔍 Understanding Pre-Clinical Models

📊 Challenges In Infectious Disease Research 

💡BSL-2/ BSL-3 Pre-Clinical Studies

📚 Model Selection

💡 In Vivo and Ex Vivo Models 

🔗 Data Management in Clinical Trials

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