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Webinar – Advancing CAR T-Cell Therapies with Clinical Trial Customization

Our experts Goran Marinkovic, PhD, Immunologist, Nele Langenaken, General Manager, Dr. Nithianandan Selliah, PhD, Global Director, Flow Cytometry and Dr. Karthikeyan Devaraju, PhD, Scientist will bring together best practices in genomics, flow cytometry, biomarkers and clinical trial operations.

Watch the webinar to learn more about customized solutions for successful CAR T-cell therapy clinical trials.

Webinar focus:

  • How to successfully set up and manage highly customized CAR T-cell therapy clinical trials
  • Flow cytometry’s crucial role in monitoring CAR T cells in clinical trials
  • The importance of genomics to ensure patient safety
  • The critical role of cytokines as biomarkers to characterize disease progression and therapy response

Who Should Watch?

This webinar will appeal to the following professionals:

  • Area Head of Cell & Gene Therapy
  • Therapeutic Leads
  • Biomarker Leads
  • R&D Directors, Managers
  • Translational/Medicine Biomarker Leads
  • Clinical Biomarker Leads
  • Clinical Development Directors/Medical Directors
  • Clinical Operations Directors, Managers
  • Medical Directors
  • Science Directors and Managers

Watch the recording

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White paper – Prioritizing Safety in CAR-T Therapy: Patient Monitoring with Cerba Research’s Testing Portfolio

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) stands at the forefront of groundbreaking advancements. With the power to precisely manipulate cells and genes for therapeutic purposes, CGT offers immense promise in treating diseases at their root.

In the whitepaper “Prioritizing Safety in CAR-T Therapy: Patient Monitoring with Cerba Research’s Testing Portfolio.”  we dive into the critical realm of patient safety within CGT. Authored by industry experts, this comprehensive guide presents a novel approach to patient safety monitoring, fusing breakthroughs in flow cytometry and genomics solutions.

Key Topics Covered:

🔍 Understanding the Risks: Ensuring Patient Safety: As CGT continues to revolutionize medicine, it’s imperative to acknowledge the inherent risks associated with these therapies. From the potential for insertional oncogenesis to the emergence of replication-competent viruses, safeguarding patient safety remains paramount.

📊 Key Capabilities: Vector Copy Number (VCN) Testing, Viral Integration Site (VIS) Analysis, Replication Competent Virus Testing, Immunophenotyping and Enumeration.

⚖️ FDA Concerns: FDA’s requirements to ensure safety and adverse events

And much more! Complete the form below to download the white paper now!

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Article – From Sample To Discovery: Applications, Challenges, And The Path Ahead In Full-Service Repertoire Sequencing

ENPICOM and Cerba Research have joined forces to conduct an in-depth interview focused on the applications, challenges, and future prospects within the realm of full-service repertoire sequencing.

In this collaborative effort, our esteemed experts, Dirk van Alewijk, PhDGoran and Ilse Wolters, and Henk-Jan van den Ham from ENPICOM, provide insights about the challenges of analyzing repertoire data, promising repertoire sequencing applications, and what the future holds for this cutting-edge technology.

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Webinar – Navigating The Immune Repertoire: A Deep Dive Into Applications, Workflows, And New Sequencing Chemistries

We are excited to announce our webinar in collaboration with Illumina and ENPICOM – Navigating the immune repertoire: A deep dive into applications, workflows, and new sequencing chemistries.

Join Robin Bombardi, Senior Scientist at Illumina, Goran Marinković, Ph.D. Immunologist at Cerba Research, and Henk-Jan van den Ham, Research Team Lead at ENPICOM, as they discuss innovations in the immune repertoire library preparation, sequencing, and data analysis.

Webinar focus:
–      Applications of repertoire sequencing in immuno-oncology and beyond
–      How to establish and test a robust repertoire sequencing and analysis approaches
–      Important aspects of sample processing and validation
–      Rep-Seq data analysis challenges and how to overcome them
–      #NextSeq 2×300 vs MiSeq 2×300 and the impact in depth and quality

Watch The Recording Here