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CIRION, A Cerba Research Company: A Quality Approach Works 

About CIRION, Cerba Research Canada

CIRION (a Cerba Research company) is a Canadian organization highly recognized for its integrated bioanalytical and global central laboratory services. Founded in 1994 with growing employees’ number, CIRION holds a large GLP certified facility (35,000 sq/f or 3,250 sq/m). Most importantly CIRION is also CAP and CLIA accredited with a global central laboratory footprint. CIRION’s commitment to quality is science-driven and its quality system is based on an improvement program led by an independent quality assurance & system unit team.

The company has a long-standing experience in supporting biologics and biosimilars drug development for market authorization applications with various regulatory authorities such as, but not limited to, FDA, EMA, Health Canada, Japanese and Australian authorities (PMDA and TGA respectively).  

CIRION already has a strong reputation as demonstrated by our high level of repeat business from our existing clients and experts in the bioanalytical space. In addition, our strong quality approach is evidenced by successfully going through multiple clients and regulatory agencies audits throughout the years. 

CIRION’s major accreditations are below: 

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