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Flow Cytometry Services

Cerba Research can develop customized and validated flow cytometry (FCM) biomarkers and panels for your clinical research on a global scale. Connect with our scientific team to learn how FCM can enhance your research and help develop the panels you need.

Advantages of Flow Cytometry in Immunotherapy Clinical Trials

Complex flow cytometry is critical for today’s personalized medicine. With 25 years of extensive expertise in providing flow cytometry testing for clinical trials ranging from phase I to phase III, Cerba Research has a strong track record of developing and validating custom-made flow cytometry panels. Monitor immunophenotyping, immune cell activation, receptor occupancy of the drug, and the workings of CAR-T cells through flow cytometry on blood samples and bone marrow aspirate.

Our Global Flow Cytometry Network

At Cerba Research, we develop, validate, qualify and implement assays on a global scale. With flow cytometry  capacity and capabilities in Belgium, the United States, Australia, China and Taiwan, we are a leading central lab known for our expertise. Our network develops and validates drug-specific panels aligned with your needs. From client conversations to centralized data analysis and review, our global team is dedicated to meeting your target timeline. 

Which Flow Cytometry instruments are present in our laboratories worldwide?

  • BD FACS Canto: present in laboratories in USA, Belgium, and China 
  • BD FACS Lyrics: present in laboratories in USA, Belgium, Australia, and Taiwan 
  • Cytek Aurora in laboratories in USA and Belgium 

Assess more than 40 parameters with the Cytek Aurora

With our spectral flow cytometry capabilities, we simultaneously characterize cellular populations from the same tube with a complete set of data from the sample, all while reducing the time of sample acquisition. 

Cerba Research is proud to answer your  exploratory needs for clinical trials and retrospective analysis with our  state of art instruments and high quality data output. 

Cerba Research US - Flow Cytometry Cytek Aurora
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Tailor-made proprietary/ drug-specific panels

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In-house validation and method transfer to other Cerba Research labs

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Global acceptance criteria and instrument and assay standardization

Central Lab Services

Cerba Research - Ebook - CAR+T Drug Development The Critical Role of Flow Cytometry

CAR+T Drug Development: The Critical Role of Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry plays a crucial role in the production process of CAR+ T cells, where it is used for assessing transduction efficiency, purity, and characterization of the CAR+ T product before infusion. After manufacturing, when CAR+ T cells are infused into the patients, flow cytometry is used again in clinical laboratories to assess CAR+ T expansion, efficiency, and persistence and to monitor minimal residual disease (MRD).

In our CAR+T Drug Development ebook, Ans De Beuckelaer, Regional Head Flow Cytometry EU, and Rowan Claeys, Clinical Biologist at Cerba Research, dive deeper into key elements of flow cytometry:

  • The importance of flow cytometry in Car+T clinical research and its uses
  • Key aspects in developing a CAR+ T trial
  • The added value of flow cytometry in multiple myeloma, Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) assessments, and multiple myeloma phenotype
  • Car+T-cell Therapy: patient treatment, targeted antigens and solutions for MRD assessments and multiple myeloma phenotype assessment.
Click here to download the e-book

Discover how Cerba Research consider flow cytometry for the development of innovative treatment

Among the techniques of biomarker analysis, there is flow cytometry, which allows for precise analysis of liquid samples, as well as other applications. For more information, watch the Advantages and Versatility of Flow Cytometry Considerations webinar.

Watch the webinar

Nithianandan Selliah

Global Head of Flow Cytometry

I am the Global Head of Flow Cytometry at Cerba Research.

I joined Cerba Research in 2019, after 20 years in the industry and academia developing expertise in biomarker discovery, immunology, and regulatory affairs.

Reach out to our flow cytometry team and discover how we can help you advance your research.


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Reach out to our flow cytometry team and discover how we can help you advance your research

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