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Flow cytometry assay development

From cellular subtype identification to immunophenotyping to measure drug occupancy of cellular target markers, Cerba Research  offers  tailor-made assay development dedicated to the objectives of your clinical trial. 

From panel design to validation, give your assay a fit for purpose approach with regular conversation throughout your project

Panel Design

Ab selection (clone) Fluorochrome selection


With the same matrix as for the clinical trial, test the staining protocol instrument setup, compensation and more


Identify the populations of interest Assess the need for controls (FMO or Isotype) Define gating sequence for final reporting


Inter/Intra assay precision Inter- operator and inter instrument Sample stability Additional parameters (e.g post stained stability, sensitivity (LLOQ))

A specific and thoughtful approach for your Flow Cytometry needs

With a customized assay development and validation approach, Cerba Research utilizes the appropriate sample types for your project.


The importance of validation

All biomarkers must undergo advanced validation to ensure data is interpretable within multiple time points, within large patient cohorts, and tested at different locations around the world.

All the markers used during your study undergo advanced validation to guarantee the interpretation of data.


Cerba Research is able to performed your flow cytometry assay with whole blood, bone marrow aspirate or PBMCs

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Our flow cytometry assays are harmonized with global SOPs and standardized instrument setting for immunophenotyping and fluorescence quantification.

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Reach out to our flow cytometry team and discover how we can help advance your research

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