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Rare Diseases

Our history in specialty testing, your future in rare diseases research and development

Facilitating Technology to Accelerate Research in Rare Diseases

Research around rare diseases requires an increased need to access expertise, knowledge, data and insights to bring the right patient to the right treatment at the right time. We facilitate state-of-the art technology, subject matter expertise, specialised logistics and operations to accelerate research development in rare diseases.

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Rare Diseases Research Highlights

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Car T Therapy

Over 20 Clinical Trials ongoing in Car-T Therapy

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Assay Development

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Rare Diseases

40+ Clinical Trials with CAR T and engineered donor grafts


  • Uniquely positioned to analyse immune responses in AAV and other advanced biomedical treatments
  • Validated assays to detect antibodies against viral vectors and target inserts
  • Different technology supporting monitoring of patient safety

Technology & Infrastructure

  • A global processing laboratory infrastructure combined with our specialized logistical and transport services ensures fast analysis of fragile samples
  • White glove logistics – ensuring each sample is tracked at every stage of the process

Our People

  • Scientist to scientist communication – we understand your challenges tailoring solutions to answer your scientific questions
  • Dedicated global project management team, client focused, proactive and transparent communication

Platforms & Laboratories

  • ELISA based assays to detect antibodies against AAV vectors and target inserts
  • Flow Cytometry – BD FACS Canto & Lyric, Cytek Aurora for MRD, enumeration, immunophenotyping, cell sorting & isolation, tumor microenvironment
  • Genetics – Nucleic acid extraction, NGS for MRD, CAR T enumeration and count, detection, liquid biopsies, gene panels and ctDNA
  • Histopathology – FISH and IHC
  • Molecular Diagnostics – Detecting and quantifying gene/viral genome expression (RCL, VCN) Immune response by monitoring cytokines via MSD platform (37plex MSD)
  • Cell Isolations – PBMC, BMCC, CD138+
  • Cerba Research is uniquely positioned to analyse immune responses in AAV, CAR-T and NK cell
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