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White paper – Prioritizing Safety in CAR-T Therapy: Patient Monitoring with Cerba Research’s Testing Portfolio

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) stands at the forefront of groundbreaking advancements. With the power to precisely manipulate cells and genes for therapeutic purposes, CGT offers immense promise in treating diseases at their root.

In the whitepaper “Prioritizing Safety in CAR-T Therapy: Patient Monitoring with Cerba Research’s Testing Portfolio.”  we dive into the critical realm of patient safety within CGT. Authored by industry experts, this comprehensive guide presents a novel approach to patient safety monitoring, fusing breakthroughs in flow cytometry and genomics solutions.

Key Topics Covered:

🔍 Understanding the Risks: Ensuring Patient Safety: As CGT continues to revolutionize medicine, it’s imperative to acknowledge the inherent risks associated with these therapies. From the potential for insertional oncogenesis to the emergence of replication-competent viruses, safeguarding patient safety remains paramount.

📊 Key Capabilities: Vector Copy Number (VCN) Testing, Viral Integration Site (VIS) Analysis, Replication Competent Virus Testing, Immunophenotyping and Enumeration.

⚖️ FDA Concerns: FDA’s requirements to ensure safety and adverse events

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White Paper – The Importance Of NGS Panel Customization For Your Assays: Good Practices And Key Takeaways

As cancer remains a major global health concern, precision medicine brings hope for patients for improved treatments and outcomes. Explore the pivotal role of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) panel customization in driving advancements in oncology research. From biomarker identification to actionable mutation detection, molecular profiling forms the bedrock of precision medicine. Learn how NGS panel customization is revolutionizing this landscape, enabling simultaneous analysis of diverse genetic aberrations for a comprehensive cancer understanding.

Traditional methods like Sanger sequencing and PCR are limited to single-gene analysis, making them impractical for new target discovery. NGS’s ability to analyse millions of segments in parallel accelerates research, while customized panels provide deeper, cost-effective insights into genomic abnormalities.

Discover insights on:

  1. NGS Advantages: Delve into the superiority of NGS over traditional methods, facilitating efficient and sensitive analysis.
  2. Clinical Implementation: See how NGS is enhancing patient care through improved molecular profiling in clinical trials and practice.
  3. Personalized Therapies: Understand how tailored panels enable personalized and precise targeted therapies by identifying actionable mutations.
  4. Latest Techniques: Explore the application of NGS to formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples and the innovative use of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA).

Elevate your understanding of precision oncology’s potential. Download our white paper to harness the benefits of NGS panel customization. Empower your oncology research and clinical practice with insights that will help transform your research and advance health for patients.


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Brochure – Cerba Research Genomics Experience In Oncology

Since 1992, Cerba Research/Healthcare has pioneered the art of human genetic testing, Cerba Healthcare builds the start of the art in human genetic testing by being the first laboratory in Europe to introduce Genetic testing.

Thanks to this experience, we are able to collaborate with the life science community to provide the most suitable genomic service and enhance the power of your genetic material.

Cerba Research can work with you to select the most suitable platform and assay to reach your project expectations.

Discover all our capabilities in our latest Genomics Brochure

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Reach out to our experts and discover how we can help you transform research and advance health in the field of genomics.

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Webinar – The Added Value Of Flow Cytometry In CAR T-Cell Clinical Trials Webinar

Watch Cerba Research’s latest webinar, ‘The Added Value of Flow Cytometry in CAR T-Cell Clinical Trials’.

The Added Value of Flow Cytometry in CAR T Cell Clinical Trials

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White Paper – Flow Cytometry Advantages In Immunotherapy Clinical Trials

More than three decades ago, scientists at the National Cancer Institute began exploring ways to fight cancer using the patient’s immune system. Their work formed the basis of what is now a promising cancer treatment that doesn’t require surgery or radiation. The global immunotherapy market as well as cell and gene therapy, such as CAR T, adoptive cell therapies, checkpoint inhibitors and other immunotherapies, is expected to grow by 10.1% CAGR between 2020 and 2028.

Patients provide blood samples for clinical trial sponsors to develop and deliver these emerging immunotherapies. Each sample they give is precious, as they all provide a wealth of biological data that contributes to therapy development. To ensure samples arrive at the lab intact, robust sample transportation and global logistics are critical. The deep scientific expertise housed within those labs ensures the highest-quality analysis and reporting.

Our white paper takes an in-depth look at the world of flow cytometry. Nithianandan Selliah, Global Head of Flow Cytometry, and collaborators at Cerba Research, examine its unique benefits and future potential. They highlight the latest trends in technology and set out the key points to consider when planning a flow cytometry-based clinical trial and choosing a partner lab.

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