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Clinical Trial Operations

Leverage our global logistical and laboratory network, covering five continents, to power your clinical trial operations. Cerba Research’s agile, customer-centric approach helps support the management of your clinical trials.

From integrated kit-building services enabling rapid study start up, to a global connected logistical backbone underpinning clinical trial operations, our expertise in core central laboratory operations enhances access to sample results when you need them.

Cerba Research is your dedicated partner in clinical research, offering a customer-centric and agile approach with end-to-end central laboratories spanning 5 continents. Our global presence ensures on-time delivery, reaching even the most remote sites within 24-48 hours.

With central laboratories in the USA, Europe, Asia Pacific, China, and Australia, we streamline study setup, site preparation, sample collection, and results reporting through our single global database. Count on us to keep your clinical trial on track with efficient logistics and a 99% on-time delivery rate, managing shipments from 3,000 locations and 75 countries annually, and distributing over 800,000 kits.

Our comprehensive service portfolio covers all aspects of the clinical trial process, including:

  • Sampling kit preparation
  • On-site handling instructions
  • Global processing laboratory networks 
  • Courier transport
  • Sample tracking
  • Contingency planning
  • Lab management
  • Post-study storage
  • Sample retrieval and distribution to a referral lab
  • Specialty logistics and processing solutions 
  • And many other tailor-made supply chain services

In the processing labs, we provide valuable support with qualification audits, supplying required materials, on-site training, qualification runs, online training, and 24/7 availability for all inquiries.

What Makes Us Different?

A close up photo of a scientist wearing safety glasses whilst using a microscope.

Proven Expertise

At Cerba Research we’ve built on more than 50 years of specialty diagnostic and laboratory testing to create a unique service that puts us at the forefront of the predictive precision medicine of the future.

Our comprehensive lab infrastructure, global footprint and proven processes mean that today we:

  • Have access to biomedical, biomarker, and genetic data from over 25 million patients per year across locations throughout Europe, Africa and North America.
  • Have the ability to sequence 1,000-plus whole human genomes per week.
  • Offer unique access to Africa’s growing population.

Benefit from the highest quality data and insight, delivered through fully-integrated, end-to-end solutions, tailored to the needs of your patients.

Customer Centric

We understand that your patients are at the heart of everything you do. That’s why at Cerba Research understanding your values, challenges and priorities is at the heart of our business.

We work with pharma, biotech, government, non-profit, CRO and IVD/MDDx research bodies; whatever your challenges, we have the resources and flexibility to meet them.
Our unique customer success team helps us drive forward change and innovate new ways to support our customer community and deliver a customer-centric service.

A photo of 5 scientists wearing lab coats and putting their hands in a huddle. They are all smiling down at the camera.

We Are Your Team

We believe collaboration is key to a successful clinical trial outcome. At Cerba Research, we work as an extension of your team to get the job done.

More than just providers of specialty and central laboratory testing, our team has years of experience in shaping testing protocols and patient cohorts to help secure successful outcomes. Our experience becomes your expertise.

Want to talk scientist to scientist? We understand that people matter. Whether you have detailed scientific questions or just want to know more about how we can deliver, we have experts that speak your language.

A photo of a desk with test tubes and Cerba Research testing equipment.

Streamlined Clinical Trial Operations

With our comprehensive range of solutions, we offer you the support and expertise necessary for successful trial management. From data management to investigator training, our dedicated team ensures a seamless experience throughout the entire trial lifecycle.

At our processing laboratory, we provide a wide array of services to meet your specific requirements. Our offerings include daily data management globally, ensuring accuracy, security, and compliance on a global scale.

We efficiently handle the logistics of sample transportation through our daily courier management, guaranteeing timely and reliable delivery between sites and laboratories.

Patient Identification And Recruitment

Precision medicine requires precision patient identification and recruitment. Cerba Research can help you recruit the right patients for your clinical trials.

Find out more about our patient identification and recruitment services.


Clinical Trial Operations – Where Every Sample Counts

Rapid study start up and creation of laboratory documents.

Training and instructions on sample collection for sites is provided.

Depending on your sample type we can provide premium logistics including GPS tracking, temperature loggers, direct shipment, dry ice replenishment and weekend collections.

Secure processing from reception through to analysis method.

Central & speciality testing capabilities.

Access your results to make crucial decisions.

A stylised map of the world

Montreal, Canada

Schaijk, The Netherlands

Rijswijk, The Netherlands

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Durban, South Africa

Genetics/NGS, Flow Cytometry, Histopathology/IHC, Safety testing, mycobacterium tuberculosis lab

Cape Town, South Africa

Genetics/NGS, Flow Cytometry, Histopathology/IHC, Safety testing, mycobacterium tuberculosis lab

Russia 2

Russia 1




Middle East 1

East Africa 6

East Africa 5

East Africa 4

East Africa 3

East Africa 2

East Africa 1

West Africa 4

West Africa 3

West Africa 2

West Africa 1

South Africa 8

South Africa 7

South Africa 6

South Africa 5

South Africa 4

South Africa 3

South Africa 2

The Netherlands

France 2

Costa Rica







India 2

India 1

Australia 2

Singapore 2

Singapore 1

South Korea

China 3

China 2

Japan 2



Mexico 3

Mexico 2

Mexico 1


New York 2



Rotterdam & Rijswijk, The Netherlands

BSL3, Pre-clinical, Molecular Biology, Genetics/NGS, Pathology, Virology


Routine, Molecular Biology, Bioanalytical Lab, Flow Cytometry, Microbiology

Paris, France

Genetics /NGS, Molecular Biology, IVD, Flow Cytometry, Histopathology/IHC, Virology, Microbiology, Preclinical, Biorepository.

Montpellier, France

Genetics /NGS, Molecular Biology, IVD, Flow Cytometry, Histopathology/IHC, Virology, Microbiology, Preclinical, Biorepository.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Routine, Genetics/NGS, Molecular  Biology, Flow Cytometry, Histopathology/IHC, Virology, Microbiology, BSL3, Biorepository

Sydney, Australia

Routine, Molecular Biology, Flow Cytometry, Virology

New York, USA

Routine, Genetics/NGS, Molecular Biology, Flow Cytometry, Bioanalytical Lab/PK, Histopathology/IHC

Tokyo, Japan

Genetics/NGS, Molecular Biology, Flow Cytometry, Histopathology/IHC

Taipei City, Taipei

Routine, Genetics/NGS, Flow Cytometry, Histopathology/IHC Lab/PK

Shanghai, China

Routine, Genetics/NGS, Molecular Biology, Flow Cytometry, Bioanalytical Lab/PK, Histopathology/IHC

Research & Partner labs

Pre-Processing labs

Office locations and Technical Platforms

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