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Clinical Trial Operations

From integrated kit-building services enabling rapid study start up, to a global connected logistical backbone underpinning clinical trial operations, our expertise in core central laboratory operations powers access to sample results when you need them.

As a central, specialty and diagnostics laboratory provider, we support Pharma, Biotech, Government, and Not for Profit organizations delivering core clinical trial management operations. With an efficient logistical network across the globe and contracts with leading clinical trial couriers including standard and premium courier services, our team works across functions in key areas:

  • Sample and test kit design, production, and distribution 
  • Customized global cold chain design and distribution including specialized sample logistics 
  • Global processing laboratory networks 
  • Specialty logistics and processing solutions 
  • And many other tailor-made supply chain services 

Clinical Trial Operations – Where Every Sample Counts

1. Protocol Review

Cross functional teams from science, logistics & sample handling, operations and project management engage early on ensuring we can secure your critical clinical endpoints.

2. Study Set Up & Creation of Laboratory Documents

Rapid study start up and creation of laboratory documents

3. Design of Kits

Ensuring the most appropriate kit design for sites and patients

4. Delivery of Kits to Site

Secure logistics partners

5. Sample Collection

Training and instructions on sample collection for sites is provided

6. Transport to Laboratory

Depending on your sample type we can provide premium logistics including GPS tracking, temperature loggers, direct shipment, dry ice replenishment and weekend collections

7. Sample Reception

Secure processing from reception through to analysis method

8. Laboratory Testing

Central & Speciality testing capabilities


Keeping track of all data associated with your sample

10. Data Export

Access your results to make crucial decisions

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