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Flyer – SARS-Cov-2 ELISpot: A New Test In The Covid-19 Diagnostic And Vaccine Arsenal

Following SARS-CoV-2 infection, an innate immune response occurs rapidly at the infection site and then an adaptive response occurs within 6-10 days. This response can be divided into 2 types: cellular immunity and humoral immunity with recruitment and multiplication of virus-specific cells. The first response is mainly mediated by effector T cells (CD4+ helper and CD8+ cytotoxic T cells) while the second response is mainly mediated by antibody-producing B cells.

The combined action of these specific cells allows the targeted elimination of infected cells in the body and the circulating virus (1). However, the antibody response does not always occur (Figure 1). In addition, the antibody level may decrease significantly after infection. In this context, exploring T-cell-related immunity appears relevant. These T cells may be detected in the blood 2-4 days after the onset of the symptoms and persist for at least 6-9 months.

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