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Brexit Communication

Due to the upcoming Brexit changes for international trade with the UK, we are writing to provide an update on how Cerba Research is preparing for this change and how the changes may impact your clinical site. Please be assured that we are closely monitoring the Brexit requirements, and we are implementing actions to minimize any disruptions to our services. The summary below provides key information on the changes taking place.

Airwaybills and Pro Forma Invoices

Since the UK will no longer be considered part of the EU, it will have requirements similar to other non- EU countries. This includes the completion of key paperwork such as pro forma invoices and updated airway bills.

  • For shipment of samples (ambient or refrigerated) to Cerba Research currently performed with a standard courier (DHL or TNT), we will be sending your clinical site Pro Forma invoices and non-EU airwaybills.
  • For shipment of samples provided by premium couriers, the courier will provide Pro forma invoices and non-EU airwaybills at the time of pick up.
  • For Frozen shipments, Pro forma invoices and non-EU airwaybills will be provided by the courier when they deliver dry ice at your site.

Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number (EORI)

In the event the UK exits the EU with no deal and a customs border is enforced, an EORI number will be required post Brexit (starting from 1 Jan 2021). To mitigate risk, we are recommending that any sponsor trading between the UK and EU register for an EORI number.

  • The EORI number must be entered on the Proforma Invoice to promote smooth and fast customs processing and clearance.
  • From 1st January 2021, the UK will be considered as a non-EU country and all requirements needed for shipment from non-EU countries will also apply to the UK.
  • The EORI number must be obtained by the clinical trial Sponsor.
  • For more information on obtaining an EORI number please visit

Avoiding Transit Time Risks

Although Couriers have expanded their network and customs clearance capacity, we are recommending planning an additional 2 working days for delivery of supplies from Cerba Research, required during the first weeks of January.

If you have any additional concerns and/or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cerba Research at [email protected]

Cerba Research and all our dedicated couriers will do their utmost to assist you in any enquiry.