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Cerba Healthcare releases 2021/2022 CSR Report

Recently Cerba Research has released its CSR Report for 2021/2022. At Cerba HealthCare, we believe that corporate social responsibility is inherent in our commitment to advancing health and patient care. Aligned with our business, CSR also takes shape in the areas of human capital, business ethics and respect for the environment.

At Cerba HealthCare, we are convinced that clinical pathology is the key to not only offering more personalised and effective treatments, but also to moving towards a more preventive health system. The nature of our mission – improving health through medical diagnosis – reflects a requirement that engages each of us within the Group.

As a healthcare player, the company’s social responsibility – CSR – is inherent to our business and our concerns are naturally human-oriented.

Within the Group, many initiatives which symbolise our approach to responsibilities were born well before we imagined that they would find a legitimate place in a CSR report! For example, for more than 20 years, we have been investing in the training of our employees and the medical community, and in 2016 the group founded the 1st corporate university in the world, specialising in clinical pathology.

With the creation in 2015 of Institut Cerba, our endowment fund, Cerba was equipped with a tool to promote and develop community-based healthcare projects around the world that make it possible to promote its many employees involved in civic actions and to support associations.

Finally, the Group’s values are the natural foundation of our CSR approach: excellence, commitment, boldness and respect.

We are fortunate to be able to devote ourselves to a mission of the common good. This opportunity is also a responsibility that obliges us, and I am proud, on behalf of the Group, to see the commitment of our 15,000 employees being extended to this CSR approach.

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