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Cerba Research End of Year Communication 2023

Cerba Research would like to provide you with information related to our operational and courier services during the end of 2023.

Cerba Research Closure Days

Our labs and partner labs are closed on the days noted in the attached table. Please take your shipment transit time into consideration to ensure the sample(s) arrive the day before a Closure Day. 

Local Public Holidays Recommendations/Information

  • Please do not ship samples on the day(s) before local public holidays or on local public holidays. If agreed otherwise for your trial, please confirm arrangements in advance with your courier.
  • Please do not organize frozen shipments during the end of year holidays (from 20-December 2023 till and including 01-January 2024) unless otherwise agreed upon. Cerba Research will not organize frozen batch shipments during this period. Please store frozen samples at the site until 02-January 2024.
  • Samples arriving at the laboratory within 48 hours or less before closing days may experience delays of reporting and may be reported when laboratory will resume activity after the closing days.
  • For Barc South Africa: Please notify the Barc South Africa team before sending any samples to ensure the shipment can be tracked as there can be delays in customs within Africa during the holiday period.
  • For Cerba Research Australia: Due to the prolonged weekends, please avoid shipping between 22-December 2023 and 02-January 2024. Turnaround time for shipments for sites in Australia and New Zealand is 24hr, for sites located in Asia and shipping to Cerba Research Australia take 48hr-72hr into consideration.
  • For Russia and Ukraine: Please try to avoid scheduling patients from 20-December 2023 until 10-January 2024 as these countries have an extended holiday period. If you need to schedule patient visits during this period, please contact Cerba Research to clarify if any solutions can be determined.

Courier Service Schedule / Customs

As all couriers (standard as well as premium) may have restrictions, please contact them well in advance to check the following:

  • The possible shipping days and possible earlier last calling / pick-up times.
  • Couriers will typically not pick-up or deliver on public holidays.
  • Take your sample transit time into consideration; 24, 48 and 72 hours – to ensure samples arrive the day before a Closure Day. Extra transit time can be needed during the End of Year period.
  • Customs closing times (only applicable if a pro forma invoice is required).

Although courier services can be restricted, Cerba Research will be providing continuous service during the holiday period (except on the closure days), so please contact us via the study specific email address (preferred) or via the general contact details if you need assistance:

Thank you for your support and collaboration with Cerba Research. We wish you a safe and peaceful holiday season and new       year.      

Yours sincerely

Jenny De Pessemier

Vice President Global Project Management