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Cerba Research Global Project Management Communication On Public Holidays 2023

Provided below, is essential information on shipping limitations and critical items that should be taken into consideration before planning patient visits and scheduling sample shipments in the event of a public or national holiday closure.

Not following this recommendation may result in potential courier delays and delayed receipt at Cerba Research resulting in cancelled testing due to compromised sample stability.

A summary of Cerba Research affiliates and/or laboratories receiving direct shipments from sites as well as when they observe specific holidays can be found on the last page of this letter. 

Please follow the recommendations below:

  • Sites with 24h delivery time to Cerba Research affiliate*:
    • Do not schedule any shipments 24 hours before the closing day of the Cerba Research affiliate you are shipping samples to.
  • Sites with 48h delivery time to Cerba Research affiliate*:
    •  Do not schedule any shipments 48 hours before the closing day of the Cerba Research affiliate you are shipping samples to.

*Delivery time to Cerba Research for your site is detailed on the front page of the Central lab manual

  • Exception for samples analyzed at SRL (Japan): samples arriving at the laboratory within 48 hours or less before closing days may experience delays of reporting and may be reported when laboratory will resume activity after the closing days.
  • Do not ship samples on/or the day before local public holidays. (Unless otherwise agreed upon for your trial, confirm with the (premium) courier)
  • As all couriers (standard and premium) may have restrictions, please contact them well in advance to confirm the following
    • The possible shipping days and custom closing times (if applicable)
    • Possible earlier last calling / pickup times
  • During 2023 Christmas and 2024 New Year’s period, schedule pickups in advance of the holidays when possible.  Batch frozen samples should not be shipped at least 72hrs prior to a holiday to avoid thawing and potential courier delays.
  • Cerba Research US will be open on July 4th 2023 and Nov 23rd 2023 during reduced hours. Please note that only premium couriers deliver on these days and limited sample types are analyzed by the lab. When possible, please do not schedule shipments to arrive on July 4th 2023 and Nov 23rd 2023.

Cerba Research will be providing continuous service during holiday periods (except on the closure days). Please contact us via the general contact details below or via the study specific e-mail address should you have questions. Our site and study teams are here to assist you.

Please Note: planning a patient visit or scheduling a shipment outside of these guidelines could result in cancelled testing due to appropriate stability requirements not being met.

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