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Strengthening Our Footprint in China: Reciprocal Cooperation with Tigermed, Frontage Lab and Teddy Lab

We are pleased to announce the reciprocal cooperation between Frontage Lab, Teddy Lab and Barc Lab, allowing European, American and Asian biopharmaceutical companies, Contract Research Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations easy access to China’s clinical trial market and supporting the buoyant Chinese biopharmaceutical companies to enter the international market. Today, pharmaceutical companies are not simply checking for the safety of a new drug, but rather expecting special biomarkers to prove the effectiveness of the drug. It’s not easy, but with a wealth of experience and the right support, central laboratories can significantly improve the effectiveness of clinical trials and ensure the safety of patients during the treatment process. In fact, central laboratories are the preferred way to improve the quality of clinical trials and the international multi-center clinical layout. 

Barc Lab, a division of Cerba HealthCare, is a harmonized network of clinical laboratories present on five continents. The vision of the entire Group is to continuously enrich its offerings and services on a full global scale, including China, to enhance its customers’ experience. Partnering with Teddy Lab, Barc Lab adds on an extra solid level to its global footprint, as Teddy Lab, located in Shanghai, China, provides central lab services similar to Barc Lab. Moreover, with the new strong cooperation with Frontage lab, BARC reinforces its expertise in pharmacokinetics & toxicology, which can be a real challenge in clinical trials. 

 Taken together, the strategic partnership between Barc Lab, Tiger Medical, Frontage Laboratory and Teddy Laboratory will fully utilize the advantages of both CRO and central laboratories in terms of professional competence, business scale, both domestic (Chinese) and global technical expertise in pharmacokinetic and toxicology. 

Commenting on this announcement, Mario Papillon, CEO of Barc Lab, highlighted that this collaboration reinforces Barc Lab’s global reach. “We can reach more than 1,000 biologists from our employees and partners. These connections span the medical field worldwide”. 

About Barc Lab 
For 35 years, Barc Lab has provided the pharmaceutical and biotech industry with central lab services both in routine and specialized testing within a wide range of fields including oncology, immunology, genetics, microbiology and clinical pathology. Barc’s laboratories routinely conduct medical clinical testing, thus ensuring that the tests offered are also performed on a daily basis for diagnostic purposes, patient stratification, staging and follow-up. With cutting-edge technologies at their disposal, Barc Lab’s medical and scientific experts are specialists in their fields equipped for delivering more than just testing. At Barc Lab, they act as genuine partners for our customers. We encourage that our scientific experts are integrated in our customer’s R&D processes, hence providing a critical advantage in the ever-increasing complex setting of clinical trials. 

 Contact: Mario PAPILLON, [email protected] 

More information:
LinkedIn®: barclab
Twitter®: @Barc_Lab
Facebook®: @barclab 

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