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Poster – Using Solid Tumor Analytical Validation Of T-Regulatory Immunohistochemistry Multiplex For Clinical Studies

Our Histoprofile®- T-reg light panel is ready for use in your clinical trials

Accurate characterization of the tumor micro-environment when tissue sample access is limited can be an important challenge in the field of immuno-oncology. The balance and tumor infiltration of T cell subpopulations are of particular interest and its importance has been repeatedly demonstrated in the literature. T cells are important immune effector cells and are therefore preferred targets for immuno-modulation.

Conventional T cells can be broadly classified as helper (Th), cytotoxic (Tcyto), memory or regulatory (Treg) cells. Tcyto cells ensure optimal immune responses against invading microbes and tumor antigens. Under homeostatic conditions, Tregs promote peripheral tolerance. However, within tumors, Tregs can supress Tcyto cell functions. The multiplex protocol, Histoprofile®- T-reg light panel, developed at Cerba Research on the Discovery ULTRA (Ventana) platform is designed to stain specific sub-populations of T cells on a single slide, avoiding the need of serial sections from precious patient’s FFPE samples in clinical trials while still providing an indepth analysis of the tumor microenvironment.

Our in-depth analytical validation ensures the quality of this robust protocol on solid tumor tissues. Evaluate T-cell subpopulations and their spatial distribution in the tumor microenvironment.

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