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Poster – CYTO 2023 Poster Pack

Did you miss us at CYTO 2023 and want to discover everything we have presented? Feel free to download all three posters that we have presented at CYTO 2023.

Cerba Research US - Flow Cytometry Cytek Aurora

Comparison of BD FACSLyric™ Instrument Performance in a Global Setting

As flow cytometry is a powerful tool to characterize cellular populations, it is critical to have standardized instruments within and across different labs and/or regions for global clinical trials. The Cytometer Setup & QC software in the BD FACSLyric™ instrument should correct for daily fluctuations within one instrument and across instruments using Bright Bead Median Target Values (BBMV). To assess the capability of the software module to standardize flow cytometry assays, we evaluated the Median Fluorescence Intensity (MFI) between instruments and within instruments over time, using both BD® Cytometer Setup and Tracking (CS&T) beads (BD Biosciences) and SPHERO™ Ultra Rainbow calibration particles (Spherotech).

Upscaling of a Clinical Flow Cytometry Laboratory

As flow cytometry is one of the go-to methods for fast and in-depth monitoring of immune cell populations at a single-cell level, clinical laboratories are observing an increase in assay complexity and the number of samples to process. To scale up our operations in a qualitative and efficient manner, several aspects of the laboratory design were improved and are discussed below.

Workflow and Troubleshooting for Performance Qualification of Cytek® Aurora Instrument in a Clinical Setting

The ability to develop high-parameter assays allows for a deeper characterization of patients’ immune subsets with limited sample availability. Spectral flow cytometry is used to assess high-parameter immune profiling in global clinical trials. To date, there are no specific guidelines for the Performance Qualification (PQ) of spectral flow cytometers. Here, we describe an in-house developed workflow for performing PQ of a Cytek® Aurora instrument in a clinical laboratory.

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