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Poster – Multiplex Immunofluorescence Detection Of Resident Memory T Cells In Solid Tumors

Tissue-resident memory T cells (TRM) represent a lineage of T cells localized in peripheral tissues that do not re-enter the circulation. Their establishment in the tissue makes them the initial T cell response in local infections and inflammatory conditions. TRM are characterized by the expression of CD103, CD69, and CD49a. TRM plays a role in the efficacy of cancer vaccines and has been correlated with improved prognosis and/or survival in several cancers. Comparisons of TRM and cytotoxic CD8 T cells in the tumor microenvironment are limited.

In this poster, we show you how we developed the HISTOPROFILE®-TRM multiplex panel to phenotype memory resident T cells in solid tumors and demonstrate the applicability of the panel to study TRM subpopulations in NSCLC FFPE tissue resections.

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