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Poster – Comparison Of BD FACSLyric™ Instrument Performance In A Global Setting

Flow cytometry, recognized for its unparalleled capacity in characterizing cellular populations, necessitates the implementation of standardized instruments both within and across various laboratories, particularly for conducting global clinical trials. A pivotal component in achieving this standardization is the Cytometer Setup & QC software featured in the BD FACSLyric™ instrument. This software is engineered to correct daily fluctuations not only within a single instrument but also across multiple instruments, leveraging the Bright Bead Median Target Values (BBMTV).

Enhancing Standardization in Flow Cytometry for Global Clinical Trials

In our efforts to validate the efficacy of this software module in standardizing flow cytometry assays, we undertook a comprehensive evaluation. This involved assessing the Median Fluorescence Intensity (MFI) both between different instruments and within the same instrument over time. For this purpose, we utilized two distinct types of calibration particles: BD® Cytometer Setup and Tracking (CS&T) beads, provided by BD Biosciences, and SPHERO™ Ultra Rainbow calibration particles, from Spherotech.

The focus on maintaining consistent performance in flow cytometry, through the use of advanced software and calibration methods, is crucial in ensuring the reliability and accuracy of results obtained from these sophisticated instruments. This is especially significant in the context of global clinical trials, where standardization across different settings is key to obtaining universally applicable and credible data.

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