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Poster – Validation Of NanoString® Technologies For Solid Tumor Clinical Studies

Cerba Research Montpellier (CRM), a leader in histopathology and part of the Cerba Research group, is revolutionizing solid tumor clinical trials with our cutting-edge NanoString® platforms. Specializing in multiplex immunofluorescence for FFPE tissues, our lab now offers unparalleled transcriptomic and proteomic analysis capabilities.

Transforming Solid Tumor Clinical Trials with NanoString® Technology

Our recent acquisition of NanoString® technology enhances precision in solid tumor research. We have validated RNA analysis protocols for both bulk analysis using nCounter and spatial analysis with the GeoMx DSP platform’s whole transcriptome atlas (WTA). This advancement opens new doors in cancer research, extending potentially to other therapeutic areas.

Delve deeper into our innovative approach and its impact on solid tumor clinical trials by exploring our poster from SITC 2023. It showcases our advanced techniques and their applications in transformative cancer research.

NanoString’s nCounter Pro analysis system

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