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Publication – Measurable Success: The Value Of Biomarkers From Discovery Through Commercialization

Why do some patients respond to therapy while others do not? The answer can be found in the concept of biomarkers: objective, measurable indicators of the presence or severity of disease. Used for decades to aid medical diagnosis, researchers today use biomarkers in every phase of drug discovery and development. There’s good reason. Biomarkers can triple drug development success rates, accelerating the availability of new therapeutics. A biomarker-driven approach provides multiple benefits, including:

  • Enable early proof-of-concept studies for novel therapeutic targets, reducing drug attrition rates
  • Predict drug efficacy more quickly than conventional clinical endpoints
  • Stratify patients during enrollment with more accuracy, hence reducing the number of patients needed to show clinical benefit
  • Use as surrogate endpoints in clinical trials
  • Help determine benefit-risk profile, to facilitate and smooth regulatory decisions

In this article, Cerba Research CSO Jérôme Sallette dives deeper into this topic.

Jérôme Sallette CSO Cerba Research
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