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RNAscope® & In Situ Hybridization Assay

Cerba Research holds extensive experience in various In Situ Hybridization (ISH) assays, for both pre-clinical and clinical trials settings; from the development and validation of custom probes to the use of the most trusted commercial solutions like RNAscope®.

In Situ-Hybridization (ISH) and Multiplex ISH

Our tissue analysis team can support your simplex and multiplex ISH assays on FFPE samples, using various automated platforms (Ventana Benchmark, Leica Bon, and Dako Omnis) for access to the widest range of kits and probes.

Whether your program requires clinically-validated ISH or the development and validation of multiplex ISH or ISH+ combined with IHC panels, Cerba Research can be your trusted partner for the analysis of RNAs in tissue samples.

Interphase FISH with the EWSR1 break-apart probe


Cerba Research’s Tissue Analysis Laboratory of Montpellier, France (formerly known as Histalim) has been certified by the Advanced Cell Diagnostics’ (ACDbio) Certified Service Provider program.

This program, initiated and conducted directly by ACDbio, ensures that certified labs provide the highest-quality ISH data when using their RNAscope® assays.


a close-up image of a hand reaching for a labeled microscope slide

Advantages of RNAscope ISH Technology

  • A powerful spatial genomics and transcriptomics tool for sensitive detection and detailed localization of all types of cellular nucleic acids at the single-cell level, whilst maintaining the spatial tissue microenvironment
  • Amplifies target-specific signals to provide clear, valuable results with high sensitivity and specificity
  • RNAscope ISH Technology can be applied to many applications such as immuno-oncology,  cell and gene therapy or single-cell analysis
  • Available in both chromogenic and fluorescent labels
  • May be used as a singleplex, duplex, and ISH/IHC
  • Combination staining
  • Professional assay services provide support for clinical and pre-clinical studies
Immunohistochemical analysis of paraffin-embedded human gastric cancer tissue labeling TIA1
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