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Immunohistochemistry (IHC)

While data obtained from IHC assays is more limited in its volume than some other approaches that can be applied on tissue, analysis of biomarker expression at the protein level with spatial context still remains the gold standard. 

With a large catalog of tests, a dedicated team of experts, extended laboratories  capabilities and standard workflows both for custom development and standard validations, Cerba Research can support any IHC program with the highest chances of success. 

Supporting your biomarker journey

Cerba Research has extensive experience in developing IHC protocols from preclinical models to validating laboratory developed tests for clinical trials. Our science-driven histology experts can provide complete and efficient IHC assay development, optimization, transfer and fit-for-purpose validation. This allows you to take your study to its goal, whether it calls for simplex or mutliplex IHC protocol(s).

Catalog Of Protocols

  • Cerba Research offers over 250 human IHC biomarkers off-the-shelf, as well as a diverse list of protocols for animal models.

  • Our catalog covers a wide range of areas of research, including immuno-oncology, dermatology, Immunology, neurosciences, and metabolic disorders. 

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Custom Protocol Development

  • Our histology scientific team has extensive experience developing and validating new IHC assays.

  • With our large choice of IVD (Benchmark Ultra, Dako Omnis, Leica Bond III) and RUO (Discovery Ultra, Leica Bond Rx) platforms and strong knowledge of reagents and optimization methods, we offer standard development workflows for IHC and multiplex IHC with a high success rate. 


Available Samples And Controls 

  • With a growing biobank of over 3,000 blocks (frozen and FFPE, animal and human, healthy and diseased) and a network of over 25 government-authorized hospitals and providers of custom sourcing, Cerba Research can accelerate your new project.
  • With capabilities for custom cell controls and tumor micro-arrays, Cerba Research can offer the most trusted and cost-efficient protocol development and validation approach.

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Fit-For-Purpose Validation

  • Each validation program is managed as a collaborative interaction between our scientists and the sponsor, with high quality validation plans and reports, as well as frequent updates on progression.

  • The results for general validation parameters are supported by our pathologists, image analysis and statistics teams.

  • Complementary techniques for orthogonal validation are available. 

A Choice For Analysis

  • With our capabilities for scanning both brightfield and fluorescence, extended and diversely specialized clinical and veterinary pathologist network, and software solutions for image analysis including deep learning, Cerba Research can offer the most relevant approach to obtain results from IHC sections. 

Global And Harmonized Laboratory Capabilities

  • Our three histology laboratories, located in the USA (New York), Europe (Montpellier, France) and Asia (Taipei, Taiwan) work together to ensure optimal results regardless of where the sample is run.
  • Standard operating procedures, quality controls and platforms are key comparable factors for full transparency. 

Discover The Art of Histopathology book

Our IHC expert scientist team will consult and work with you on your specific needs.

Flexible in our approach and delivery, we provide timely and cost-effective solutions to meet your clinical and commercial objectives.

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A Biomarker journey in immuno-oncology utilizing IHC

With immunohistochemistry (IHC) technology, biomarkers can be identified in tumor biopsies. IHC provides the possibility to better understand biomarker mechanisms in the tumor’s environment.

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