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Webinar – Navigating The Immune Repertoire: A Deep Dive Into Applications, Workflows, And New Sequencing Chemistries

We are excited to announce our webinar in collaboration with Illumina and ENPICOM – Navigating the immune repertoire: A deep dive into applications, workflows, and new sequencing chemistries.

Join Robin Bombardi, Senior Scientist at Illumina, Goran Marinković, Ph.D. Immunologist at Cerba Research, and Henk-Jan van den Ham, Research Team Lead at ENPICOM, as they discuss innovations in the immune repertoire library preparation, sequencing, and data analysis.

Webinar focus:
–      Applications of repertoire sequencing in immuno-oncology and beyond
–      How to establish and test a robust repertoire sequencing and analysis approaches
–      Important aspects of sample processing and validation
–      Rep-Seq data analysis challenges and how to overcome them
–      #NextSeq 2×300 vs MiSeq 2×300 and the impact in depth and quality

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