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Webinar – Advancing CAR T-Cell Therapies with Clinical Trial Customization

Our experts Goran Marinkovic, PhD, Immunologist, Nele Langenaken, General Manager, Dr. Nithianandan Selliah, PhD, Global Director, Flow Cytometry and Dr. Karthikeyan Devaraju, PhD, Scientist will bring together best practices in genomics, flow cytometry, biomarkers and clinical trial operations.

Watch the webinar to learn more about customized solutions for successful CAR T-cell therapy clinical trials.

Webinar focus:

  • How to successfully set up and manage highly customized CAR T-cell therapy clinical trials
  • Flow cytometry’s crucial role in monitoring CAR T cells in clinical trials
  • The importance of genomics to ensure patient safety
  • The critical role of cytokines as biomarkers to characterize disease progression and therapy response

Who Should Watch?

This webinar will appeal to the following professionals:

  • Area Head of Cell & Gene Therapy
  • Therapeutic Leads
  • Biomarker Leads
  • R&D Directors, Managers
  • Translational/Medicine Biomarker Leads
  • Clinical Biomarker Leads
  • Clinical Development Directors/Medical Directors
  • Clinical Operations Directors, Managers
  • Medical Directors
  • Science Directors and Managers

Watch the recording