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White Paper – COVID-19 Therapy Development and Clinical Diagnostics – A Clinical Approach To A Multifaceted Evolving Disease

While most people with COVID-19 recover within a few weeks, a notable percentage experience symptoms that last for 12 weeks or longer. With therapy development, we look into clinical diagnostics.

As scientists discover new variants, new questions become more relevant: How will variants impact vaccine efficacy? Who will need booster shots? Will we need new vaccines? Targeting a multifaceted disease such as COVID-19 requires a diverse team of infectious disease experts; it will also require a central lab and clinical diagnostics partner with the expertise and portfolio of testing to serve sponsors’ varied needs.

As the effort to develop more effective COVID-19 treatments and vaccines and protect the global public continues, therapy and vaccine developers must partner with central labs that offer a broad scope of services. A diverse portfolio of exploratory tools and tests is paramount when studying an unpredictable virus.

Find out more about Cerba’s research into COVID-19 by downloading our white paper.

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