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White paper – Decoding A TCR And BCR Fingerprint – Immune Repertoire Sequencing

Welcome to our immune repertoire sequencing white paper page! We provide advanced solutions to study the diversity and specificity of immune cells in your clinical trial samples, using cutting-edge sequencing technologies and bioinformatic tools.

By analyzing the RNA sequences of the immune receptors (i.e., B-cell or T-cell receptors), we can identify and quantify the different types of immune cells present in your samples, as well as their clonal relationships and antigen recognition patterns. This information can be used to investigate immune responses to diseases, vaccines, tumors, or environmental stimuli, and to develop personalized therapies and diagnostics.

Our team of experts can guide you through the entire process, from sample preparation to data analysis and interpretation, and provide you with customized reports and visualizations.

Explore the power of immune repertoire sequencing and unlock the secrets of the immune system!

What you can find in the white papers:

  • The TCR and BCR sequencing workflow
  • Our standard report analysis
  • Cerba Research end-to-end solution sequencing service
  • Features and benefits of TCR and BCR profiling
  • And more intriguing features

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Reach out to our experts and discover how we can help you transform your research and advance health in the field of immune repertoire sequencing.

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