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CYTO 2023

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May 20 – 24

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Montréal, Canada

Meet us at CYTO 2023

CYTO 2023, the Congress for the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry will be a premier, inclusive, and international conference on the many facets of cytometry science and engineering.

Meet the Cerba Research flow cytometry team and discover how Cerba Research is committed to validating your assay with standardized instruments across labs, by applying independent quality control steps to monitor instrument performance.

Complex flow cytometry is critical for today’s personalized medicine. With 25 years of extensive expertise in providing flow cytometry testing for clinical trials ranging from phase I to phase III, Cerba Research has a strong track record of developing and validating custom-made flow cytometry panels. Monitor immunophenotyping, immune cell activation, receptor occupancy of the drug, and the workings of CAR-T cells through flow cytometry on blood samples and bone marrow aspirate.

Cerba Research - Ans De Beukelaer - Regional Head of Flow Cytometry

Ans De Beuckelaer

Regional Head Flow Cytometry EU

With the breakthrough of cellular immune therapies, such as CAR+ T, flow cytometry became a critical platform, not only for the clinical laboratories, but also for drug developers and manufacturers. Indeed, flow cytometry plays a crucial role in the production process of CAR+ T cells where it is used for assessing transduction efficiency, purity and characterization of the CAR+ T product before infusion. But also after manufacturing, when CAR+ T cells are infused into the patients, flow cytometry is used in clinical laboratories to assess CAR+ T expansion, efficiency and persistency and to monitor minimal residual disease (MRD).

Our Flow Cytometry Services

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Reach out to our experts and discover how we can help you transform your research and advance health with flow cytometry.

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