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Poster – In Situ Multiplex Analysis Of Regulatory And Effector T Cells In Multiple Tumor Types

T cells are the most important immune effector cells and are therefore preferred targets for immunomodulation. T cells can be broadly classified as either T effector (Teff) or T regulatory (Treg) cells. Teff cells ensure optimal immune responses against invading microbes and tumor antigens. Under homeostatic conditions, Tregs promote peripheral tolerance.

However, within tumors, Tregs can suppress Teff cell functions. The complex interplay of Teff and Treg dictate the outcome of tumor-specific immune responses. Favorable survival in numerous types of cancer as been associated with high Teff to Treg cells ratios as determined by flow cytometry or immunohistochemistry on serial sections. Multiplex immunofluorescence offers a technical advantage by allowing for the detection of co-expression and spatial organization of multiple targets within a preserved tissue architecture on a single slide.

Discover how with the help of our HISTOPROFILE® -Treg human and mouse multiplex immunofluorescence panel we can identify Treg and Teff cells in situ

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