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38th International Clinical Cytometry Meeting & Course 2023

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September 29 – October 3

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New Orleans, USA

The Cerba Research team will attend the 38th International Clinical Cytometry Meeting & Course (ICCS2023) in New Orleans! ICCS2023 conference helps participants increase their knowledge of current tools and technologies available for patient sample analysis, better understand the accepted methodologies and benchmarks for patient sample analysis and diagnosis, and improve their competence in analytical software applications.

Meet our scientists, Nithianandan Selliah, Veronica Nash, Miet De Baere, Bieke Soen, and Shawn Mehrzad at ICCS2023 in New Orleans. We will be sharing how Cerba Research is transforming the field of clinical flow cytometry with advanced methods and cutting-edge technologies. Cerba Research develops and validates custom-made flow cytometry panels used in flow cytometry testing for clinical trials, ranging from phase I to phase III.

Discover our four posters

Validation of a flow cytometry assay on Cytek® Aurora instrument to monitor immune cells in whole blood for global clinical trials.

Learn how to validate a flow cytometry assay on Cytek Aurora for clinical trial settings according to CLSI H62 guidelines

Sunday, October 1st at 5:45 PM, presented by Veronica Nash

Comparison of BD FACSLyricTM Instrument Performance in a Global Setting. Is the Cytometer Setup & QC software module of the BD FACSLyric™ instrument sufficient to monitor instrument performance?

15 BD FACSLyric instruments in 4 different countries are compared for performance. Visit the poster to learn about monitoring instrument performance.

Monday, October 2nd at 4:00 PM, presented by Bieke Soen

Implementation of Cytek® Aurora Instrument for Global Clinical Trials

Learn the process to qualify and standardize Cytek Aurora instruments to run samples in global clinical trials

Monday, October 2nd at 4:00 PM, presented by Shawn Mehrzad  

Upscaling of a clinical flow cytometry laboratory

Are you testing large-volume clinical samples? Visit the poster to learn about scaling up the operation to handle large-volume testing.

Monday, October 2nd at 4:00 PM, presented by Miet De Baere

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