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Anatomic Pathology & Tissue Analysis

At Cerba Research, we’re committed to delivering gold-standard tissue sourcing, processing, and analysis services. Our robust expertise in the design and development of innovative methods and our large catalogue of validated assays allow us to offer the most relevant solutions. Ones that research organizations depend on for precise assessments of their translational and clinical tissue samples.

From standard histology stains and tissue omics to complex multiplex solutions, we are your trusted partner. Discover below how our extensive tissue analysis service lines and dedicated team can support you.

Histopathology Services

Histopathology is a complex discipline and true expertise calls for specialization on a specific indication or organ. At Cerba Research, we believe that providing the best histopathology services to each of our customers – while recognizing the variety of their projects – is possible only with a large network of experts. We identify the most skilled medical and veterinary pathologists for your needs.

Digital Pathology Solutions

Cerba Research currently offers access to over 50 board-certified pathologists worldwide that can each be assigned irrespective of customer or site location thanks to our validated digital pathology solutions. Our dedicated pathology liaison officer is in charge of:

● The qualification of the best expert (and backup(s) when required) for each project and trial
● GCLP training
● early evaluations of each pathologist
● Intra/inter-observer variability documentation for clinical trials

The relevance of our approach and workflow is assessed by the satisfaction of our customers, with there being several long-lasting multi-program collaborations between Cerba Research pathologists and sponsors.

Whether your interest is in oncology, hematology, neurology, dermatology, NASH, or any other area, take advantage of Cerba Research’s worldwide network of pathologists and digital pathology solutions for R&D and clinical trials.

Our Tissue Analysis Services

Cerba Research can support the development and validation of tissue analysis assays by providing relevant samples for your program. Our biobank holds over 3,000 samples which can help quick-start most projects and is legally authorized to source from 25 different hospitals and tissue entity providers to efficiently gather custom collections.

The Cerba Research tissue biorepository is composed of both human and animal samples, FFPE and frozen, and resections and biopsies. Each individual sample has been QCed by a pathologist before its integration into our collection and is qualified for immunogenicity on a regular basis if IHC has to be performed.

FFPE Analysis and Frozen Tissue Collection

FFPE and frozen human tissue collections mostly consist of pathological samples, including tumor samples for various indications, as well as normal tissue. Each sample has been collected according to the ethical rules for GCP and in compliance with the French public health code, meaning we are legally authorized to store, use, import, export, transfer, and create human tissue sample collections.

Custom-sourcing projects can be accommodated through contracted relationships with selected public and private partners registered at the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. With access to over 25 providers, Cerba Research can help gather samples with given specifications much faster.

We also have the capability to perform all the steps, including assembling custom tissue microarrays (TMA) and blocks with custom cell pellets. Our standard workflows make the best use of these samples for the cost-efficient development and validation of robust tissue analysis assays.

Cerba Research Can Help With All Your Histopathology Needs

Discover The Cerba Research Centre of Excellence in Anatomical Pathology

In this video, Cerba Research takes you on an in-depth tour of their CerbACT immuno-oncology center of excellence in Asia.
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