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Immune Repertoire Sequencing

Explore the diversity of immune repertoire of TCR and BCR chains with our end-to-end service. Get in touch to find out more.

Comprehensive Immune Repertoire Sequencing Services

At Cerba Research, we offer comprehensive immune repertoire sequencing services that can be tailored to the needs of your pre-clinical and clinical trial research.

Our state-of-the-art sequencing technologies ensure accurate and reliable results, while our team of experts provides in-depth bioinformatics analysis and interpretation of the sequencing data.

Cerba Research utilizes the Takara SMARTer BCR/TCR Profiling Kit that couples SMART (Switching Mechanism at 5’ End of RNA Template) technology with a 5’ RACE approach, for unbiased amplification of BCR and TCR repertoire sequences.

The repertoires are sequenced on Illumina MiSeq and NextSeq platforms and analyzed using the IGX platform developed by our partner ENPICOM.

Chains Covered

BCR: IgG IgM H/K/L heavy and light chains

TCR: TCR alfa and beta

Sample From

PBMC and whole blood

Pre-sorted cells

Fresh frozen tissues

Species Available

Human and mouse. (Other species available upon request)



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