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Our virology laboratory is the reference site for clinical trials in phases I-IV. Contact us to learn more about our virology research services.

Our Clinical Services

Cerba Research serves as a central and reference virology laboratory for phase I-IV clinical trials. Assay innovation, customized protocols, and the introduction of new tools keep our services and analyses up to date with the increasingly demanding criteria for the registration of vaccines and antiviral drugs at different stages of viral infection.

Furthermore, our dedicated research & development specialists offer novel, custom-designed assays and expert advice on assay development. Our high-resolution viral plaque assays enable studies on the inhibition of both single and multiple infection/replication cycles.

Our clinical services include:

Antiviral Therapies

Through collaborations with an extensive network of companies within the fields of (bio)pharmaceuticals and molecular testing, we have developed antiviral therapies for viruses such as:

● Rhinovirus
● Influenza
● SARS-CoV-2

Apart from antiviral testing, we offer analysis solutions for bacterial strains through microbiome analysis with 16S rDNA methodology to enhance the clinical development of antibacterial therapies.

Global Surveillance Programs

Cerba Research also participates in global surveillance programs to monitor and characterize novel virus threats to human and animal health (EMPERIE; EU FP-7). Additional research programs focus on:

● Genomics
● Discovery of biomarkers
● Correlates of protection
● Viral reference strain development

Learn More About Our Virology Services

For more information about the virology services, we provide here at Cerba Research, get in touch with our expert team of researchers today.

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