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Logistics the vital connection in running clinical trials

At Cerba Research, we oversee shipments from over 3,000 locations and 75 countries with over 550,000 kits distributed annually and 99% ontime delivery. 

Cerba Research has over 35 years of experience handling complex logistical trials. Thanks to these years of expertise, even the most remote sites can be serviced within 24-48 hours, and with offices in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Africa, we can provide our clients with the shortest turnaround of shipments. Our service portfolio is integrated through all phases of the clinical trial process, including: 

  • Preparation of sampling kits  
  • On-site sample handling instructions  
  • Courier transport   
  • Sample tracking and tracing  
  • Management of sample process labs  
  • Post-study sample storage  
  • Sample destruction  
  • Sample retrieval and distribution to referral labs  
  • Daily data management globally  
  • Training of investigator sites  

We offer an efficient logistical network all over the globe with more than 38 pre-processing labs, eight office locations, technical platforms and more than 20 partner labs, as well as contracts with leading clinical trial couriers and in-house drivers in specific areas such as South Africa. 


  • Sample and test kit design, production, and distribution 
  • Customized global cold chain design and distribution including specialized sample logistics 
  • Global processing laboratory networks 
  • Specialty logistics and processing solutions 
  • And many other tailor-made supply chain services 

Reducing time & cost, increasing sample integrity

Our network of pre-processing laboratories reduces adds extra value to reduce time and transport costs and minimizes the risk to sample integrity: 

  • Processing samples allows us  to generate primary and backup aliquots, minimizing the risk of losing whole samples  
  • Stabilizing samples within 8-48 hrs after sample collection 

Our Logistics Excellence Solutions

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