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Spatial Omics

Cerba Research is proud to bring your studies to the next level with our spatial transcriptomics and proteomics solutions.

Maximize Data From Your Tissue Samples With Spatial Omics

Cerba Research offers tissue omics services for pre–clinical and translational research programs as well as clinical trials. Our flexible solutions allow for quantitative analysis of both proteins and transcripts in whole tissue, either as bulk analysis or spatially in regions of interest and in specific cell populations on tissue sections.

Our laboratory is equipped with both nCounter® and GeoMx® Nanostring platforms, to provide the most relevant dataset available for each specific request.

Our capabilities include:

  • Bulk nCounter® RNA and protein analysis on fresh, FFPE, frozen solid, or liquid tumor samples
  • Spatial omics RNA and protein analysis on FFPE or frozen tissues with NanoString’s GeoMx platform
  • nCounter® and NGS panels
  • Custom assay development

With our teams of experienced scientists and pathologists to determine the optimal approach and regions of interest and our dedicated bio-informatics team to analyze the data, Cerba Research is your trusted partner for spatial omics studies.

a snapshot image of Cerba Research’s spatial omics nanostring
NanoString’s company logo
NanoString’s nCounter Pro analysis system

NanoString™ nCounter® advantages

  • Adapted for pre-clinical and clinical studies on samples from humans, mice, and other species
  • Directly capture RNA or proteins with a system of color-coded probes for accurate quantification
  • Compatible with a range of matrices including liquid biopsies, FFPE and frozen tissues, and cells
  • Applicable to low abundance samples (cf. RNA from liquid biopsies) and difficult samples (FFPE)
  • A range of ready-to-use panels covering multiple therapeutic areas
  • Custom probe and antibody add-ins
  • Can analyze up to 800 genes
  • Quick wet lab turnaround time

NanoString™ GeoMx® advantages

  • High complexity and throughput digital spatial transcriptional and proteomic profiling in clinical and preclinical studies
  • Compatible with a range of samples: FFPE, Fresh frozen, Whole Mount, TMA, needle core biopsies
  • Analyze up to 22,000+ genes and 150+ proteins (human and mouse targets)
  • Human RNA panels: Whole Transcriptome ATLAS, Cancer Transcriptome ATLAS, RNA Immune Pathways Panel
  • Mouse whole transcriptome RNA panel
  • Human and Mouse nCounter® and NGS protein panels
  • Assays customizable
  • Flexibility in morphology marker selection
  • Comprehensive end-to-end service with expertise in IHC, sequencing (NGS) and nCounter®
  • Cooperative region of interest selection between the Cerba Research Scientist, client, and a therapeutic area pathologist (when needed)
  • Overlay already stained slides to transfer regions of interest on GeoMx® stained slides
A snapshot of Cerba Research’s NanoString™ GeoMx® proteomic profiling.

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Next Generation Sequencing Capabilities

Cerba Research offers global NGS capabilities with numerous comprehensive panels and fit-for-purpose solutions for trials in oncology, infectious diseases, rare diseases, cell & gene therapies, and more.

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Next Generation Sequencing For Solid Tumors

Our experienced scientific team provides a flexible, customizable, and responsive approach to your NGS solid tumor clinical trials & needs.

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Custom Assay Development

We are able to provide custom laboratory assays, panel designs, and medical grade reports to support your project.

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Unlock your FFPE and Frozen sample informations!

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