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DNA and RNA Extraction

From the definition of the matrix to the deliverable of the material of interest, we are your trusted partner for all your nucleic acid extraction needs. 

DNA and RNA extraction represents the first step of any genomics program. 

Cerba Research can propose a wide array of genomic services, including DNA/RNA extraction, thanks to a full range of automated and harmonized protocols available. 

For gDNA isolation from whole blood, we normally extract DNA by using the QIAamp DNA blood Mini/Midi/Maxi kits.This extraction can be performed on different types of matrix including whole blood, FFPE tissue, plasma, body fluids, lymphocytes and more.  

For RNA, the procedure is complicated by the ubiquitous presence of ribonuclease enzymes that rapidly degrade RNA. Several methods are used to stabilize and isolate RNA from samples, such as PAXgen® Blood RNA tubes (intended for immediate stabilization of intracellular RNA from Qiagen) or RNAlater Preserved Tissues (long term sample preservation used mostly for biopsies). 

Thanks to a fully automated platform available in most of our laboratories, Cerba Research can ensure a quick turnaround time for your nucleic acid extraction needs, with a full sample traceability. 

A deep experience in DNA/RNA extraction on various biological samples, thanks to a fully automated platform

Our experience over the years allows us to respond to your nucleic acid extraction needs from the following biospecimens:

  • Body fluids (urine, feces, scrapes/smears/swabs in collection medium)
    • Bone marrow aspirates
    • Buffy coat
    • Core needle biopsies
    • FFPE tissue
  • Fine needle aspirates
    • Flash frozen biopsies
    • PBMCs
    • Plasma/serum (could be frozen EDTA plasma)
    • Punch biopsies
    • Whole blood

Thanks to a full range of instruments for automated workflow:

  • Promega MaxPrep
    • Promega Maxwell RCS 48
    • Perkin Elmer Janus G3
    • Perkin Elmer Chemagic
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Reach out to our genomics team and discover how we can help advance your research in the field of DNA/RNA Extraction

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